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v12033.482019-01-23 at 11:21nekonekogirlEiyuu*Senki GOLDstaff
v12033.472018-08-20 at 09:15nekonekogirlEiyuu*Senki GOLDstaff
v12033.462017-09-09 at 09:19shinnewEiyuu*Senki GOLDStaff aliases. link
v12033.452017-03-15 at 12:30nekonekogirlEiyuu*Senki GOLDstaff
v12033.442016-12-13 at 23:19wakaranaiEiyuu*Senki GOLDreverted cast credits purged by surferdude
v12033.432016-12-13 at 23:01surferdudeEiyuu*Senki GOLDadded relation; Hazakura Seiso from A2
v12033.422016-12-06 at 09:37eacilEiyuu*Senki GOLD"This is the powered-up version/sequel of Eiyuu*Senki" is confusing as HELL, even more when it's neither a sequel nor a remake. Each time I read that
v12033.412016-11-02 at 15:58surferdudeEiyuu*Senki GOLDnot a sequel
v12033.402016-09-21 at 15:39varioEiyuu*Senki GOLD+1
v12033.392016-03-16 at 15:33traumatizerEiyuu*Senki GOLDstaff note
v12033.382016-03-15 at 18:52traumatizerEiyuu*Senki GOLDcast
v12033.372016-01-02 at 15:00traumatizerEiyuu*Senki GOLDalias fix
v12033.362015-10-31 at 11:12traumatizerEiyuu*Senki GOLD+1 new
v12033.352015-08-27 at 13:40traumatizerEiyuu*Senki GOLD+1
v12033.342015-07-17 at 10:27traumatizerEiyuu*Senki GOLD"theme song" -> OP
v12033.332015-06-28 at 05:48nananaEiyuu*Senki GOLD.
v12033.322015-06-21 at 17:01traumatizerEiyuu*Senki GOLDalias fix
v12033.312015-05-16 at 08:55traumatizerEiyuu*Senki GOLD+2
v12033.302015-05-03 at 12:02traumatizerEiyuu*Senki GOLDaccording to the game's OP
v12033.292015-05-03 at 11:59traumatizerEiyuu*Senki GOLD+2
v12033.282015-05-03 at 11:47traumatizerEiyuu*Senki GOLDstaff
v12033.272015-03-31 at 12:07azathothEiyuu*Senki GOLDFixed genders.
v12033.262015-03-28 at 10:51traumatizerEiyuu*Senki GOLDva
v12033.252015-02-25 at 20:18cyberslayerEiyuu*Senki GOLDalias
v12033.242015-02-16 at 18:54cyberslayerEiyuu*Senki GOLDNishino Miku voices Billy the Kid in the original game but not in Gold. She is voiced by Mizuhashi.
v12033.232015-02-14 at 22:54traumatizerEiyuu*Senki GOLDalias fix
v12033.222015-02-08 at 07:58traumatizerEiyuu*Senki GOLDart
v12033.212015-02-08 at 03:27wakaranaiEiyuu*Senki GOLDsome cast.
v12033.202015-02-06 at 21:09traumatizerEiyuu*Senki GOLDva
v12033.192015-02-04 at 16:31shinnewEiyuu*Senki GOLDStaff.
v12033.182015-02-02 at 18:56traumatizerEiyuu*Senki GOLDcast!
v12033.172015-02-02 at 11:17traumatizerEiyuu*Senki GOLD+some more of dat cast
v12033.162015-01-29 at 15:19aexisEiyuu*Senki GOLDSeiyuu
v12033.152014-10-01 at 00:09kratoscar2008Eiyuu*Senki GOLDTo ilustrate the new english interface patch along the nameable MC.
v12033.142014-07-30 at 05:37kratoscar2008Eiyuu*Senki GOLDAn image to show the nameable protag.
v12033.132014-06-03 at 05:54binfujiwaraEiyuu*Senki GOLDcover
v12033.122014-04-27 at 23:44himesEiyuu*Senki GOLDlength
v12033.112014-04-10 at 13:54astrakEiyuu*Senki GOLDForgot to mark that one screen as NSFW.
v12033.102014-04-10 at 13:52astrakEiyuu*Senki GOLDJust uploaded some screenshots.
v12033.92014-01-27 at 06:13ds1150Eiyuu*Senki GOLDcover
v12033.82014-01-01 at 22:38maraskanuserEiyuu*Senki GOLDtypo
v12033.72014-01-01 at 13:40maraskanuserEiyuu*Senki GOLDReplaced full width * with half width char in description
v12033.62014-01-01 at 13:39maraskanuserEiyuu*Senki GOLDReplaced minimal description with more extensive one from Micchi's blog
v12033.52013-11-29 at 22:11ds1150Eiyuu*Senki GOLDimage
v12033.42013-08-25 at 09:35xcytEiyuu*Senki GOLDReplace asterisk (*) in original titles with fullwidth asterisk (*).
v12033.32013-01-27 at 14:08nacchiEiyuu*Senki GOLDTemporary cover image.
v12033.22013-01-27 at 14:07nacchiEiyuu*Senki GOLDAdded one more alt title.
v12033.12013-01-27 at 14:05nacchiEiyuu*Senki GOLDAdded.