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Senoo Kunpuu Butousai -Menuet-

妹尾薫風舞踏祭 -Menuet-

TitleSenoo Kunpuu Butousai -Menuet-
Original title妹尾薫風舞踏祭 -Menuet-
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperFusyro Mini & qoo's labo


Main character is a son of a leading conglomerate. He lives a normal college life with two people - his friend and butler. But one day he notices friend going out on his own. And strange rumors start to spread...

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2008-08-1618+Senoo Kunpuu Butousai -Menuet-

Full character list

Character summary

Senoo TouseiProtagonist
Kamiya ToshiakiMain character
Shindou KaoruMain character
Karashima ShinjiSide character
Shijou KazukiSide character

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Senoo Kunpuu Butousai -Menuet-

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