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Makenshi Leane


TitleMakenshi Leane
Original title魔剣士リーネ
AliasesLeane of Evil Blade
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
DeveloperMakura Cover Soft
PublishersMakura Cover Soft
Makenshi Leane 2
Shops» JP¥ 2090 @ DLsite (eng)


Classic fantasy sim game - capture the female commander.

Subdue and seduce while you take over enemy territory in a war-themed battle fantasy SLG.

- All defeated women have sex scenes! When your own girls are captured, they're taken prisoner. Four special characters will be "turned" to the enemy's cause if they ravish her!

- A system of fear and seduction?! First, defeated women are taken to a prison cell, where their clothes will be removed little by little. If she can't be saved before she's totally nude, the abominable general will come f*ck her good! Then she'll switch to the enemy's side!

- Magic animation worthy of its own game! Our game uses a complete playable system not often found in R-18 games. You won't just be wasting time getting to the sex, you can also enjoy this game as a proper game. Battle scenes feature animation that's fun to watch, exploration, espionage and tactics that will keep you engaged, with a wide range of difficulty settings. Beginners and hardcore gamers can enjoy the game equally.

- Lots of sex scenes! Not just in the prison, but the main game!

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Main characters

Side characters