Kioku no Umi Kara ~Watermark~

記憶の海から ~Watermark~

Kioku no Umi Kara ~Watermark~
TitleKioku no Umi Kara ~Watermark~
Original title記憶の海から ~Watermark~
Publishers Loze


The graduating class of a village school. It consists only of main character and four girls. Soon they fly away from the nest leaving only memories behind. But four years from then the class gets to meet again.

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2000-06-0918+  Kioku no Umi Kara ~Watermark~Non-freeCommercial1 CD  


Character summary

Main character Anzai Minori
Main character Date Haruna
Main character Kamiya Sakumi
Main character Okonogi Chinami
Main character Onoe Maho
Main character Sahashi Yuzu

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