Misa no Mahou Monogatari


Misa no Mahou Monogatari
TitleMisa no Mahou Monogatari
Original titleミサの魔法物語
Publishers Sammy Corporation
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Misa no Mahomonogatari - Heartful Memories tells the story of a young girl who got a mission from the queen of a magic world called Firimu, to travel to the human world, find a young girl and train her into a tarot magician so that she could defeat the evil forces willing to conquer both of the worlds.

The game takes place in that high school and will last 4 years of training, the main character of the game is Misa and during that time period she has to train her abilities, meet different people and classmates, and face the evil that endangers the world.

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1998-02-26  Misa no Mahou Monogatari - Limited EditionNon-freeCommercial2 CDs 3 
1998-02-26  Misa no Mahou MonogatariNon-freeCommercial 2 


Character summary

Protagonist Phirim
Main character Jeanne Ill Mayer
Voiced by Inoue Kikuko
Main character Kanbara Misa
Voiced by Sakurai Tomo

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