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Yuuhi no Mukougawa


TitleYuuhi no Mukougawa
Original title夕緋ノ向コウ側


Moriguchi Kazuto is just the ordinary high school student who attends a private school. He spends his days relaxing, regularly attending school and also enjoying time and talking about urban legends and rumors at the school's occult group. Among the club members are the shy underclassman Sayuki, the serious classmate Shizuka, the beautiful temporary teacher Shinamo, and the club president Shintarou.

One day, Kazuto wakes up after seeing a strange dream - and his life changes completely, his world flips around when he meets the strange girl called Miaka, who just keeps giggling without a worry in the world. He started hearing and seeing things others couldn't, and what these phenomenona pointed to was the urban legend of his school.

"The girl of the sunset."

The old story and the curse of the girl who jumped off of the rooftop and entered the "other side". And so Kazuto gets sent to an unknown, another world.
"You're coming with me, you're coming with me, you're coming with me--" the "girl of the sunset" chants. His every day life changes completely, and turns into a horrible and miserable nightmare. The sound of the ringing bell. What will become of Kazuto as he and the people around him slowly become eroded by fear?

Can Kazuto find a way to break free from the curse's chains? Can he find the true meaning behind "the girl of the sunset?" And what exactly is the "final day?"

[Translated from Getchu]

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