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Tsuma Musume Hentai Dorei


TitleTsuma Musume Hentai Dorei
Original title妻娘変態奴隷
AliasesThe Mom and Her Daughter are Hentai Slaves
DeveloperGyuunyuu Soft
PublishersGyuunyuu Soft & Amber
Shops» JP¥ 1540 @ DLsite (eng)
» JP¥ 1540 @ DLsite (jpn)


Mom-and-daughter hentai adventure game, presented by Narucho who is a bishoujo graphicer.

One day Tatsuo had a crush on a beautiful married woman in his neighborhood. He had masturbated with a photo of the woman everyday, but at one point, out of impatience, he begun to take action.

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2005-07-3018+Tsuma Musume Hentai Dorei - Download Edition
2005-08-2918+Tsuma Musume Hentai Dorei - Package Edition
2007-03-0918+Oyako Donburi Nakadashi... Hahaoya Ninshin - DVDPG
2010-12-0118+Amber Revival 1980 Series - Oyako Donburi Nakadashi... Hahaoya Ninshin - DVDPG


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    Main characterEnjouji Reiko
    Voiced by Nashimoto Yuuri
    Main characterEnjouji Sayaka
    Voiced by Rutsuki Mirai

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