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v12159.182019-03-21 at 02:00danmarceMeiji Tokyo RenkaAnidb Links
v12159.172017-08-04 at 19:32rurunikiriMeiji Tokyo Renkasince certain route need all to unlock the average length is a little over 30 hours.
v12159.162016-10-11 at 08:36multiMeiji Tokyo RenkaReverse relation update caused by revision v20119.1
v12159.152016-07-13 at 21:15rurunikiriMeiji Tokyo Renkacast
v12159.142016-03-29 at 16:31multiMeiji Tokyo RenkaReverse relation update caused by revision v19200.3
v12159.132016-03-29 at 08:23multiMeiji Tokyo RenkaReverse relation update caused by revision v19200.1
v12159.122015-05-14 at 08:39traumatizerMeiji Tokyo Renkafixed some of those staff notes
v12159.112015-04-05 at 21:02traumatizerMeiji Tokyo Renkaremoved dots & made staff notes clearer
v12159.102015-04-05 at 10:11nutellafanMeiji Tokyo RenkaAdded OP/ED credits and writer.
v12159.92015-04-05 at 09:32nutellafanMeiji Tokyo RenkaAdded VAs.
v12159.82015-03-29 at 10:14nutellafanMeiji Tokyo RenkaAdded staff.
v12159.72014-11-02 at 06:04savagetigerMeiji Tokyo Renkadescription
v12159.62014-08-27 at 02:22multiMeiji Tokyo RenkaReverse relation update caused by revision v15910.1
v12159.52013-12-27 at 20:55slv76Meiji Tokyo RenkaAdd 10 pic
v12159.42013-12-27 at 20:47slv76Meiji Tokyo RenkaOriginal cover
v12159.32013-04-24 at 14:23nekonekogirlMeiji Tokyo RenkaAdded description and promo pic.
v12159.22013-02-18 at 19:32turbomugenMeiji Tokyo Renkaedited aliases
v12159.12013-02-18 at 19:31turbomugenMeiji Tokyo Renkaadded new otome