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Twin Lovers

TitleTwin Lovers
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperNamikaze no Uta
PublishersNamikaze no Uta


It is a famous cultural festival in town held by all schools together. The night before the event main heroine confesses on the rooftop. Surprisingly, her feelings are accepted. Is this for real?

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2007-12-2415+Twin Lovers - Regular Edition (With Voice)
2007-12-2415+Twin Lovers - Light Edition (Without Voice)

Full character list

Character summary

Main characterKirishima Renju
Voiced by Doumoto Atsushi
Main characterTakahashi Kazui
Voiced by Yogasumi Kanamu
Main characterTakahashi Kazuya
Voiced by Yogasumi Kanamu

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Twin Lovers - Light Edition (Without Voice)

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