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Sauveur Rouge

TitleSauveur Rouge
AliasesSauveur Roge
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperNamikaze no Uta
PublishersNamikaze no Uta


Devils live in "Cocutus", and angels live in "Eden". After the war the "Tower of condemnation" was built by the Red savior to execute those who pass border between the two races.
Tower is inhabited by a guilty person with red wings who is believed to be reincarnation of the savior.
Executions repeat in this tower every day. Until that day...

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2007-09-0715+Sauveur Rouge - Regular Edition
2007-09-0715+Sauveur Rouge - Light Edition (Without Voice)

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Character summary

Main characterAlice
Voiced by Nagi Kaiji

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Sauveur Rouge - Regular Edition

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