Motto Shite Shite Onee-san


Motto Shite Shite Onee-san
TitleMotto Shite Shite Onee-san
Original titleもっとしてしておねーさん
AliasesMotto Shiteshite Onēsan
DeveloperAil [Team Maxi]
Publishers Ail


Main character has spent his entire life in a hospital due to some health problems. Suddenly father gets an abroad appointment, and protagonist is moved to live with his older age girl cousin. He has no knowledge of girls - how will he fare?

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2001-08-1718+  Motto Shite Shite Onee-sanFully voicedNon-freeCommercial640x4801 CD  
2009-07-2418+  Motto Shite Shite Onee-san - Download EditionFully voicedNon-freeCommercial640x480Internet download  


Character summary

Main character June Marion
Voiced by Iwaizumi Mai
Main character Kakizaki Sanae
Voiced by Morimoto Reona
Main character Oominato Nono
Voiced by Oonami Konami
Main character Shirosaki Mika
Voiced by Kasuga An
Main character Yukuhashi Shouko
Voiced by Hokuto Minami

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