House of Wolves

House of Wolves
TitleHouse of Wolves
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperLunar Labs
Publishers Lunar Labs


You awake up on a strange room. With your head still dizzy, you find out that you're not alone!
And someone messed with your body?!
What will you do now?
Let this thrilling visual novel enter you mind.
Can you understand everything that is happening?
Can you take chances?
What if you can't trust anybody?
What is real and what is not?
Prepare yourself for all the puzzles!
Enter now...the House of Wolves!


2012-12-1613+  House of WolvesNon-freeDoujinInternet download  
2012-12-169+  House of WolvesNon-freeDoujinInternet downloadNo longer sold.
2012-12-16All ages House of WolvesNon-freeDoujinInternet downloadFor Windows Phone. Rated PEGI 7/ESRB E.  
2017-09-26    House of WolvesFreewareDoujinInternet download 1 

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  House of Wolves

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