Daraku Koujo ~Majutsushi no Wana ni Hamatta Seijo~


TitleDaraku Koujo ~Majutsushi no Wana ni Hamatta Seijo~
Original title堕落皇女~魔術師の罠に嵌った聖女~
AliasesDepraved Empress -Caught in the Sorcerer's Trap-
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperSchwarz Lanzenreiter
Publishers WORLD PG & Schwarz Lanzenreiter


The town sat beneath the castle of a small country.
This country was home to the beautiful Imperial daughter Cecilia.
She was still young, pure, and terribly naive. She visited the town in disguise with impetuous energy, with her convoy Chris along to protect her.

One day, Cecilia and Chris were returning from such a visit, secret as usual, through a small hole in the castle that leads to the forest. But today for some reason a swarm of monsters were there. Chris immediately moved to protect her, but there were too many monsters.
Too many. The monsters seized Cecilia, and in a last attempt to save her, Chris too was captured.

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