Disorder 6

Disorder 6
TitleDisorder 6
Aliasesディスオーダー シックス
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Developer5pb. Games
Publishers 5pb. Games
Same series
Dunamis 15
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One rainy night, a young man wakes up in what appears to be a warehouse. On his right arm is an attached handcuff. The chain is connected to the left hand of a mysterious girl named Shiina. She seems to call him by the name Joe, but she doesn’t remember anything. In fact, neither of them have any recollections of anything prior to their awakening.

“What exactly am I?”

Without a single idea of what’s going on, the two of them search for an exit. Before long, they come across the corpse of a woman wearing a white robe.

“… Who killed her?”

Appalled by the situation, the fire they were using as light began to engulf their surroundings in flames, as the mysterious characters make a run for their lives. Once they make it outdoors they begin to wander around, until they encounter a female detective by the name of Kobayakawa…

As any good detective would, she tries to apprehend the potential witness of the crime. However, without any memories or clue of what’s going on, the two panic and escape from her. The handcuffed pair are now suspects to a crime and are on the run.

A boy and girl who are bound by cuffs. Memory loss. Escape. What truth lies behind their lost memories?

[from Siliconera]


Hair, Curtained, Parted to Side, Short, Spiky, Spiky Bangs, White, Wig
Eyes, Violet
Body, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Band-aid, Bracelet, Chef's Uniform, Detached Sleeves, Dress, Flower, Headband, Hospital Gown, Jeans, Knee-high Socks, Pajamas, Ribbon Tie, Shirt, Slingback Shoes, Sports Shoes, Suit, Torn Clothing, Towel, T-shirt
Items, Mobile Phone
Personality, Boku, Coward, Donkan, Honest, Stubborn, Timid
Role, Childhood Friend, Coworker, Half-orphan, Host(ess), Orphan, Part-time Worker, Son
Engages in, Cooking, Cross-dressing, Disguise, Driving, Investigation, Masochism, Planning, Theft
Subject of, Amnesia, Avoidable Death, Bridal Carry, Coercion, Domestic Violence, Fainting, Headache, Hospitalization, Human Subject Research, Illness, Injury, Kidnapping, Split Personality, Surgery, Teasing, Torture, Wounding
Voiced byOno Kenshou


The main character of the game. An indecisive boy who has a weak will, he has just lost his memories.

<hidden by spoiler settings>It's later revealed that he also possesses Genji's, his father's memories. He transferred them into his son's mind after realizing he doesn't have many days left in his life due to having many incurable diseases. In a bad ending, his memories completely overtake Joe after Shiina kills Genji in front of him.

Aliases粃, Sheena, Marika (マリカ), Mari-neechan, Hayato (ハヤト), Yuno (ユーノ), Yuu-tan, Navi (ナヴィ)
Hair, Odango, Pink, Sidehair, Spiky Bangs, Straight, Twin Tails, Waist Length+
Eyes, Red
Body, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Bandages, Band-aid, Belt, Chain Jewellery, Chinese Dress, Choker, Coat, Corset, Cross Necklace, Decorative Belt, Detached Sleeves, Fishnet Stockings, Fur Coat, Garter Belt Stockings, Hair Tie, High Heels, Hospital Gown, Jeans, Leather Jacket, Mini-dress, Miniskirt, Necktie, Pleated Skirt, Ribbon Hair Accessory, Suit, Tank Top, T-shirt
Items, Pocket Knife
Personality, Arrogant, Atashi, Boku, Childishly Violent, Dishonest, Docile, Energetic, Food Lover, Friendly, Immature, Insightful, Kind, Narcissist, Pessimist, Sharp-tongued, Short-tempered, Sly, Spoiled, Taciturn, Third Person, Watashi, Yandere
Role, Childhood Friend, Coworker, Host(ess), Orphan, Part-time Worker
Engages in, Bridal Carry, Cross-dressing, Domestic Violence, Driving, Flirting, Investigation, Murder, Planning, Sadism, Shopping, Suicide Attempt, Theft, Unarmed Fighting
Subject of, Amnesia, Avoidable Death, Child Abuse, Hospitalization, Human Subject Research, Piggyback Ride, Shared Body, Split Personality, Surgery
Voiced byHayami Saori


The main heroine and the girl who is chained to Joe. Just like Joe, she has just lost her memory. A girl who wears punk-rock style clothing, she suffers from multiple personality disorder and isn't aware of these four different personalities; however, her other personalities are aware of themselves and are even shown to share the same memories.

<hidden by spoiler settings>It's later revealed that Shiina also possesses Yumiko's, Genji's dead wife's and Joe's mother's memories. They were transferred into her after Genji wished to see her again, and because Shiina was very similar to her. This all happened when Joe and she were children. This personality, which is different from the other personalities, is called "Rosea". In a bad ending, it's revealed that Rosea is a yandere: she started screaming at Genji for "flirting" with other women, and was willing to kill herself after realizing she had killed him, not to mention she wants to be with him forever, repeating how she will love Genji forever. In the same ending, she completely takes over Shiina's body and refuses to peacefully pass on.

<hidden by spoiler settings>In the true ending, the "real" Shiina, or in other words, Joe's real childhood friend, manages to survive while Rosea peacefully passes on together with Genji, with the other personalities being gone as well.

Main characters

Hair, Blue, Blunt Bangs, Bob Cut, Shoulder-length, Sidehair
Eyes, Blue
Body, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Clothing with Ribbons, Dress, Hairpin, Jacket, Knee-high Boots, Knee-high Socks, Towel
Personality, Cold-hearted, Deredere, Friendly, Kind, Refined, Serious, Sly, Watashi
Role, Assassin, Full Sister, Older Sister, Orphan, Runaway
Engages in, Betrayal, Bondage, Cleaning, Cooking, Murder
Subject of, Kidnapping, Turndown
Voiced byAkesaka Satomi


A girl who ran away from her home and has good domestic skills. After getting picked up the crew, she develops feelings for Joe, whom she also calls Joe-sama.

Hair, Blue, Sidehair, Straight, Waist Length+
Eyes, Blue
Body, Pale, Slim, Teen, Trap
Clothes, Collar, Dress, Flower, Gothic, Headband, High Heels, Lace-up Shoes, Over The Knee Socks, Puffy Sleeves
Items, Knife
Personality, Boku, Cold-hearted, Mysterious, Opposite Gender Voiced, Violent, Whimsical, Yangire
Role, Assassin, Full Brother, Orphan, Younger Brother
Engages in, Assault, Attempted Homicide, Cross-dressing, Kidnapping, Mass Murder, Murder
Subject of, Confinement
Voiced byShimoda Asami


A mysterious young boy who keeps following Joe and the others while trying to kill them. Mario has loose morals and does not understand the concept of evil or good, nor can understand what other people feel, whether it be pain, happiness or sadness. Due to wearing goth lolita clothing and his feminine appearance, he often gets mistaken for a girl.

Side characters

Hair, Curly, Grey, Parted to Side, Thick Eyebrows, Waist Length+
Eyes, Grey, Hosome
Body, E+ Cup, Makeup, Pale, Young-adult
Clothes, High Heels, Shirt, Trousers, Vest
Personality, Hotblooded, Serious
Role, Coworker, Detective
Engages in, Investigation
Voiced byIwao Junko


A female detective with a strong sense of justice who suspects Joe and Shiina being the ones who killed the woman wearing the white robe.

Mishima Genji
Mishima Genjiミシマ ゲンジ 
Hair, Curtained, Grey, Parted in Middle, Short, Thick Eyebrows
Eyes, Hosome
Body, Adult, Pale
Clothes, Suit
Personality, Cruel, Relaxed, Watashi
Role, Executive, Father
Engages in, Planning, Torture
Subject of, Betrayal, Death, Grief, Surgery, Terminal Illness
Voiced byKusunoki Taiten


The executive of the Mishima Zaibatsu and <hidden by spoiler settings>Joe's father. After his wife Yumiko was attacked by a thug and went into a coma, his personality changed and he started experimenting on humans. He transferred his memories into Joe's mind after he realized he won't live for long due to his many incurable diseases so he could have a new and young body, and in order to live on with Shiina, who not only resembles Yumiko, but also has her memories.