Ane Senshi Fiona Shokushu no Wana

姉戦士フィオーナ 触手の罠

TitleAne Senshi Fiona Shokushu no Wana
Original title姉戦士フィオーナ 触手の罠
AliasesNanyi Syokuane, Sister Soldier Fiona - The Tentacle Trap
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperMousou Black
Publishers Mousou Black


Fiona becomes a bounty hunter to pay for her sister's medical treatment. Her first dispatch is to vanquish a goblin.

However, the very acceptance of the dispatch was a violatory tentacle trap.

This is the visual novel of the downfall of a bikini armor-clad female warrior.

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