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Houkago Josou ☆ Tsundere Bitch ~Aitsu wa Boku no Sexfriend... Datta no ni?!~

放課後女装☆ツンデレビッチ ~アイツは僕のセックスフレンド…だったのに?!~

放課後女装☆ツンデレビッチ ~アイツは僕のセックスフレンド…だったのに?!~
Houkago Josou ☆ Tsundere Bitch ~Aitsu wa Boku no Sexfriend... Datta no ni?!~
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DeveloperOtoko no Ko Club
PublishersOtoko no Ko Club
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Houkago Josou ☆ Net Idol ~Minna no Tame no Sei Pet~


Our protagonist, Sakura Tsubasa, is a schoolboy who enjoys crossdressing.

He has countless FwBs and also stealthily indulges in sexual conduct dressed up as a girl on school grounds with his favourite one, Takizawa Akito.

When it comes to tomgirls, Tsubasa keeps his eyes on and decides to flirt up Takizawa's boyfriend Kei's childhood friend Sakurai Yuusuke, who's the ace of the swimming club and is generally a popular boy on campus.

Regardless of Yuusukes popularity, no one had flirted him up yet and when faced with Tsubasa-in-girl-clothes, he confesses to him:

"I've been in love with you!"

Without a moment's hesitation, Tsubasa swiftly snatches away Yuusuke's virginity.

"If we can be sexfriends, I'll hook up with you!"

Yuusuke lowers his head at Tsubasa's slutty proposition.
However, Yusuke can't give up on Tsubasa and asks Kei for advice...

"I can give you some lessons in sexual stuff."

So he begins servicing him. Slowly but surely, Yuusuke is gaining more confidence in his sexual prowess. With all the sensual experience that Yuusuke had gained from Kei, his skills were now immaculate.

Tsubasa, who saw in Yuusuke an easy target to add to his body count, was brought to spray his cum countless times and finally he was made to promise to become Yuusuke's girlfriend too.

Though it pained him to admit it, this time Tsubasa genuinely fell in love with someone.
He's shocked by Yuusuke's feelings, and by the fact that he's even more of a sex beast than Akito. But even now, when an actual romantic relationship is looming for him, he can't be honest with himself - turning into a bona fide tsundere

[Translated from the Official website]