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v1239.82016-03-21 at 19:50jazz957Maid-san to Ookina Kenstaff
v1239.72015-09-28 at 15:19traumatizerMaid-san to Ookina Kendead link, cast, staff
v1239.62015-06-23 at 06:02nananaMaid-san to Ookina Ken.
v1239.52013-10-28 at 00:39binfujiwaraMaid-san to Ookina Kencover
v1239.42009-06-14 at 15:14eyelessMaid-san to Ookina Kenscreenshots
v1239.32009-05-30 at 17:39echomateriaMaid-san to Ookina KenActual cover.
v1239.22008-11-01 at 02:09echomateriaMaid-san to Ookina KenHimeya was using Tsurugi for 剣, but Ken was more widely used on this games names translation on the net, so comes the change...
v1239.12008-10-31 at 14:42echomateriaMaidsan to Ookina TsurugiSource: link