Monobeno -Happy End-

ものべの -happy end-

TitleMonobeno -Happy End-
Original titleものべの -happy end-
AliasesShigenobu, 茂伸
LengthLong (30 - 50 hours)
PublishersLose & Dramatic Create & Fujimi Shuppan
Jingyue Lingyin Hanhuazu & Hikari Field & Lianzhong Hanhuazu
Alternative version
Shares characters
Side story
Ayakashi Kyousyuutan
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After six years, Tooru returned with his younger sister Natsuha to the remote village of Monobeno deep in the mountains of Kochi prefecture. They reunited with the Akashaguma (child-like Yamori Youkai) Sumi, the Kasayou Hishakaku and his childhood friend and self-proclaimed fiancée Alice. They played in the mountains, visited the shrine and were visited by the Ushi Oni Tooko just like in the past.

Just as they were getting used to living in Monobeno, it was time for the Shichi Seisai summer festival dedicated to the local deity Himemiya-sama. The festival was lively, concluding with the masked dance. While watching the dance, Natsuha suddenly started shaking, complaining that her body felt cold. Tooru quickly took her to Naotake — the doctor and Alice's father, but nothing seemed to be wrong with her. They went to play in the nearby stream the next day. Hearing the waterfall caused Natsuha to panic and run off in fear, but once again they couldn’t find a reason for her peculiar actions. That night, she appeared in front of them very much an adult, and she bled in her nether regions for the first time. Unable to figure out what caused these inexplicable changes, they could only calm her down and watch over her. Another shock awaited them in the morning when they found Natsuha had returned back to her normal size, but without any memories of the day before.

They decided to head back to the city for a proper examination. Unfortunately, there was a major landslide which blocked off the only world into the village. Natsuha wished to leave badly, saying that something scary is coming for her. What was causing Natsuha’s changes? Was it a disease or a curse? Tooru was determined to find the cause and a way to save Natsuha.

[Edited from Hau~ Omochikaeri!]

Monobeno -Happy End- is the remake to Monobeno, with after stories for Sumi, Alice, Natsuha, and a pre-story for Hishakaku. It also rewrites parts of Sumi and Alice’s route which seem to be bad ends for Natsuha, and adds a toggle for certain CGs. Upon players’ requests, the H-scenes are more numerous and intense. All in all, it’s a happy end for everyone.

In Sumi’s after story, Tooru trains hard to turn back the clock for Natsuha, while supported by Sumi and their daughter Emi, who has a special ability to see ‘holes’ which link the youkai world.

In Alice’s after story, Tooru’s happy life with Alice after fleeing the clutches of Himemiya-sama is disrupted with the appearance of a young girl Seishin Himemiya, who reverted Alice to a little girl and took her memories.

In Natsuha’s after story, Natsuha remains in her small form and Tooru aims to cure her completely.

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Intrigue 3.0 Mystery 3.0 Memory AlterationS 3.0 ADV 3.0 High Amount of Special Effects 3.0 Protagonist's Younger Sister as a Heroine 3.0 Protagonist's Full Sister as a Heroine 3.0 Detective Work 3.0 Passage of TimeS 3.0 Multiple Opening Movies 3.0 Countryside 3.0 Bad Endings with Story 3.0 Central Heroine 3.0 Lots of Event CGs 3.0 Multiple Endings 3.0 Enforced Playing Order 3.0 Summer 3.0 Proactive Protagonist 3.0 Life and Death DramaS 3.0 Reunion 3.0 Varying Ending Songs 3.0 Lots of Character Sprites 3.0 Early Branching Plot 3.0 One True End 3.0 Few Choices 3.0 Unique Routes 3.0 Multiple Route Mystery 3.0 CurseS 3.0 Family 3.0 Lip Sync 3.0 Rejuvenation 3.0 Alternate Starting Point 3.0 Unlockable Routes 3.0 IllnessS 3.0 Female Protagonist for a Short Time 3.0 Homecoming 3.0 Japanese Mythology 2.9 Protagonist with Voice Acting 2.8 Varied Title Screens 2.8 Protagonist with a Face 2.7 Youkai 2.7 Loli Heroine 2.6 Lolicon 2.6 Normal Scene Recollection 2.5 Blood-related Brother/Sister Incest 2.5 Skip Scenes 2.4 Ending Scene Recollection 2.3 Modern Day Shikoku 2.2 Fictional Modern Day Japanese Town 2.2 Heroine with Kimono 2.2 Protagonist's Childhood Friend as a Heroine 2.2 Heroine with ChildrenS 2.0 Deredere Heroine 2.0 Naked Sprites 2.0 Nurse HeroineS 2.0 Modern Tsundere Heroine 2.0 Protagonist's Wife as a HeroineS 2.0 Protagonist with Sexual Experience 2.0 Protagonist with ChildrenS 2.0 Energetic Heroine 2.0 Unlockable Sexual Content 2.0 Side Images 2.0 Slice of Life Comedy 2.0 Heroine with Shorts 2.0 Adult Protagonist 2.0 No Common Sense Heroine 2.0 Twin Tail Heroine 2.0 Protagonist in RelationshipS 2.0 Male Protagonist 2.0 Onmyouji Heroine 2.0 Brocon Heroine 2.0 Changeable Font 2.0 Elementary School Student Heroine 2.0 Protagonist with Glasses 2.0 Sex Under the NecessityS 2.0 Sprite Viewer 2.0 Confinement 2.0 Pregnancy EndingS 2.0 University Student Protagonist 2.0 Mischievous Heroine 2.0 Daughter Support CharacterS 2.0 Heroine with Sexual Experience 2.0 Adult Heroine 2.0 Voice Replay 2.0 Close-up CGs 2.0 Protagonist's Fiancee as a Heroine 2.0 Sexual Content 2.0 Imouto-type Heroine 1.9 Youkai Heroine 1.8 Branching Plot 1.7 Onmyouji ProtagonistS 1.5 Brother/Sister Romance 1.5 Incest Romance 1.5 Sounds of Copulation 1.5 Protagonist's Blood-related Sister as a Heroine 1.4 Giant SpiderS 1.2 WeddingS 1.2 All Loli Heroines 1.1 Multiple Credit Rolls 1.0 Interracial Romance 1.0 Food Discussions 1.0 Pure Love Story 1.0 Unlockable Side Stories 1.0 Kemonomimi Support Character 1.0 Deities 1.0 OyakodonS 1.0 Under the Same Roof 1.0 Twins as Support Characters 1.0 Food Play 1.0 PregnancyS 1.0 Comedic Love Triangle 1.0 Mutual Masturbation 1.0 Hospital 1.0 Kissing Scene 1.0 Spontaneous Sex Scenes 1.0 Marriage EndingS 1.0 Tentacle Rape 1.0 Mother Support Character 1.0 Father Support Character 1.0 Loli Support Character 1.0 Piss Drinking 1.0 Natural DisasterS 1.0 Romance 1.0 Shapeshifting 1.0 Rain 1.0 Paraphilic Infantilism 1.0 Fear of DeathS 1.0 Super Deformed CG's 1.0 DesperationS 1.0 Flashback 1.0 Oni Heroine 1.0 White Haired Heroine 1.0 Urination Fetish 0.2


2013-09-0518+Monobeno -Happy End- Trial Edition
2013-10-2518+Monobeno -Happy End- Regular Edition
2013-10-2518+Monobeno -Happy End- Deluxe Edition
2013-12-2318+Monobeno -Happy End- Web Additional H Scene 1 - Gokaiso-chan wa Iinchou (patch)
2014-01-2418+Monobeno -Happy End- Web Additional H Scene 2 - Tasogare, Yoake (patch)
2014-02-1718+Monobeno -Happy End- Web Additional H Scene 3 - Mizugi Mizugi!! (patch)
2014-02-2818+Monobeno -Happy End- Popular Edition
2014-03-2818+Monobeno -Happy End- Web Additional H Scene 4 - Hexen Banner ∴ Sumi (patch)
2014-04-2518+Monobeno -More Smile- for Natsuha (patch)
2014-04-2518+Monobeno -More Smile- for Natsuha - Dakimakura Cover Set (patch)
2014-05-0118+Monobeno -Happy End- Web Additional H Scene 5 - Surgical Healer † Alice (patch)
2014-05-2418+Monobeno -Happy End- Web Additional H Scene 6 - Houkago Alto Recorder (patch)
2014-06-2318+Monobeno -Happy End- Web Additional H Scene 7 - Ren Sa (patch)
2014-06-2718+Monobeno -More Smile- for Sumi (patch)
2014-06-2718+Monobeno -More Smile- for Sumi- Dakimakura Cover Set (patch)
2014-07-2518+Monobeno -Happy End- Web Additional H Scene 8 - Monobeno, Yoru no Dai Undoukai (patch)
2014-08-2218+Monobeno -Happy End- Web Additional H Scene 9 - Nekokoro (patch)
2014-08-2918+Monobeno -More Smile- for Alice (patch)
2014-08-2918+Monobeno -More Smile- for Alice Dakimakura Cover Set (patch)
2014-09-2515+Monobeno -Pure Smile- Limited Edition
2014-09-2515+Monobeno -Pure Smile- Regular Edition
2014-09-2518+Monobeno -Happy End- Web Additional H Scene 10 - Basutei no Nagai Yuugure (patch)
2014-12-1918+Monobeno -More Smile- 3 Game Set (patch)
2014-12-1918+Monobeno -Happy End- & -More Smile- Set
2015-03-1318+Monobeno -Happy End- Download Edition
2015-03-1318+Monobeno -Happy End- Append & Voice Drama Full Set (patch)
2015-03-1318+Monobeno - Everything Included
2015-05-0218+BugBug June 2015 Issue - 250 Anniversary DVD Append H Disk Part 1 (patch)
2016-03-2518+Maitetsu - Maitetsu & Monobeno Nakayoshi Set
2016-12-2218+Maitetsu - Maitetsu & Monobeno Nakayoshi Set - Remaster Edition
2017-03-3118+Maitetsu - Maitetsu & Monobeno Nakayoshi Set - Third Printing
2018-04-2718+Maitetsu - Maitetsu & Monobeno Nakayoshi Set - Fourth Printing
2018-09-2818+Maitetsu - Maitetsu & Monobeno Nakayoshi Set - Fifth Printing
2018-12-2118+Lose Premium Set - Limited Edition
2014-09-1018+Monobeno -Happy End- Trial Edition
2018-04-05All agesMaoshen Qitan -Happy End- Zhongwen Tiyan Ban
2018-04-2618+Maoshen -happy end- (patch)
2018-05-22All agesMaoshen Qitan Houzhuan Monobeno-HAPPY END- (patch)
2019-01-25All agesMaoshen Qitan -Happy End- Heji Ban


Full character list

Character summary

ProtagonistSawai Tooru
Voiced by Mutsu Izuru
Main characterArishima Alice
Voiced by Himari
Main characterSawai Natsuha
Voiced by Anzu Mitsu
Main characterSumi
Voiced by Sakura Emi
Side characterAkae Yuki
Voiced by Nakamura Asami
Side characterArishima Nahoko
Voiced by Shinohara Yumi
Side characterArishima Naotake
Voiced by San Eiji
Side characterChima
Voiced by Miyazawa Yuana
Side characterEmi
Voiced by Kiritani Hana
Side characterHimemiya
Voiced by Suzuta Miyako
Side characterHishakaku
Side characterIzumo no Miko
Voiced by Ueda Akane
Side characterKawahime
Side characterMekkai
Voiced by Oobani Tsutomu
Side characterNanatsurao
Voiced by Aji Sanma
Side characterSeishin Himemiya
Voiced by Uehara Aoi
Side characterTakahata Isayoshi
Voiced by Minakami Shirou
Side characterTakijorou
Voiced by Isshiki Hikaru
Side characterTeppou Utare Tanuki
Voiced by Hayase Yayoi
Side characterTeppou Utare Tanuki
Voiced by Hayase Yayoi
Side characterTooko
Voiced by Kawashima Rino
Side characterYamaki Yoshihide

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