Ikusa Otome Esmeralda ~Omoi Haseteita Shishou ni Hirakareru Seijo~


TitleIkusa Otome Esmeralda ~Omoi Haseteita Shishou ni Hirakareru Seijo~
Original title戦乙女エスメラルダ~想い馳せていた師匠に拓かれる聖女
AliasesWar Maiden Esmerelda: Splitted Saint
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
Publishers G Spot & MorningStar


"Please... ...please stop this, I am daughter of Odin... ...this debased pleasure... ...it can't, CAN NOT be allowed...!!"

By decree of her father, valkyrie Esmerelda descended to Midgard to seek her long-ago master, the sorcerer O'Shama'nv.
To the farthest ends of Midgard she traveled to reunite in a collapsing old tower...

Shama offered a bet to Esmerelda.
That she sacrifice her beautiful, innocence body...
And she did. And Shama took the form of an unspeakable monster, and began a series of days of transformation to her flesh. The pagan sin.
She became Depraved.
As a half-god her pride and as a woman her ecstasy collided in her crimson valley.
Esmerelda was helpless to resist.
Her holy love interlocked with the cogs of Time, moving inexorably to the swing of fate's pendulum.
When the world crumbles, whose fault will it have been...?

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