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v12476.492019-05-23 at 00:34wakaranaiKarumaruka * Circleadditional credits
v12476.482017-05-28 at 04:534396Karumaruka * Circleresolution
v12476.472017-01-09 at 15:29weilaiKarumaruka * Circle..
v12476.462016-09-20 at 14:57varioKarumaruka * Circle+1
v12476.452016-09-20 at 14:20varioKarumaruka * Circle+1
v12476.442016-09-20 at 12:30varioKarumaruka * Circlestaff
v12476.432016-05-03 at 12:35weilaiKarumaruka * Circle..
v12476.422016-03-25 at 03:32nutellafanKarumaruka * CircleAdded credit.
v12476.412016-01-28 at 21:03traumatizerKarumaruka * Circlestaff notes
v12476.402016-01-28 at 19:21weilaiKarumaruka * Circle..
v12476.392016-01-28 at 19:20beliarKarumaruka * CircleUnlocked. I hope there will be no more edit wars with this title.
v12476.382015-10-22 at 04:53beliarKarumaruka * CircleThat's it. I'm locking the entry.
v12476.372015-10-21 at 23:17savagetigerKarumaruka * CircleReverted to revision v12476.35 you're doing something wrong by just being redundant. the alias box is for helping with searching. But both karumaruka
v12476.362015-10-21 at 20:56cklodarKarumaruka * CircleWell, I'm not warring with anyone. I'm perfectly willing to "stop this" if you show me why putting カルマルカ here is not a good idea, but you're not
v12476.352015-10-21 at 03:40wakaranaiKarumaruka * CircleReverted to revision v12476.33 dude, if your first (!) edit turns out into an edit war, then you're doing something wrong. stop this.
v12476.342015-10-20 at 22:48cklodarKarumaruka * CircleOh well, pls forget about the acronym argument, I messed up there. I guess my actual reasoning for putting カルマルカ here is twofold: 1. it is not the
v12476.332015-10-20 at 16:35nananaKarumaruka * Circlesorry, i don't really understand what you mean, but as far as i know, acronym is something that shorten a full world (for example rofl or laser). the
v12476.322015-10-20 at 15:57cklodarKarumaruka * CircleWell, since "カルマルカ" is used to refer to the game about as equally frequently as the full title is, and since we're allowed to put acronyms under this
v12476.312015-10-20 at 13:31nananaKarumaruka * Circleuneccessary i guess
v12476.302015-10-19 at 12:46traumatizerKarumaruka * CircleENG terms
v12476.292015-10-18 at 23:54cklodarKarumaruka * CircleDeleted alias "karukaru" (nobody ever called the game as such, only occasion this name ever appeared was as SAGA PLANETS' staff Twitter account name
v12476.282015-09-13 at 16:54weilaiKarumaruka * Circle.
v12476.272015-05-13 at 14:42traumatizerKarumaruka * Circle+1 fix
v12476.262015-05-10 at 10:46traumatizerKarumaruka * Circlechanged "sub" to assistant writer
v12476.252015-05-10 at 02:56weilaiKarumaruka * Circle.
v12476.242015-04-04 at 13:36traumatizerKarumaruka * Circlestaff
v12476.232015-02-27 at 14:42traumatizerKarumaruka * Circlefix
v12476.222015-02-25 at 21:42traumatizerKarumaruka * Circlestaff
v12476.212015-02-10 at 02:28jazz957Karumaruka * CircleAdded composers.
v12476.202015-02-09 at 18:24traumatizerKarumaruka * Circle+1
v12476.192015-02-07 at 20:50beliarKarumaruka * Circlepointed to correct entry
v12476.182015-02-04 at 10:52traumatizerKarumaruka * Circle+1
v12476.172015-02-04 at 05:39traumatizerKarumaruka * Circle+1
v12476.162015-02-01 at 10:48traumatizerKarumaruka * Circlesong name
v12476.152015-02-01 at 04:59no3lKarumaruka * CircleAdd Kotoko to Vocals
v12476.142015-01-30 at 15:53beliarKarumaruka * CircleShina's VA
v12476.132015-01-30 at 11:16weilaiKarumaruka * Circle.
v12476.122015-01-30 at 10:49weilaiKarumaruka * Circle.
v12476.112015-01-28 at 15:18wakaranaiKarumaruka * Circleuse staff aliases properly pls.
v12476.102015-01-28 at 14:30weilaiKarumaruka * Circle.
v12476.92013-12-12 at 02:18ptesoro24Karumaruka * CircleUpdated screenshots
v12476.82013-10-26 at 08:25ds1150Karumaruka * Circlelength, few more screenshots
v12476.72013-09-28 at 09:23nekonekogirlKarumaruka * CircleAdded description.
v12476.62013-09-27 at 07:41himesKarumaruka * Circleadded screenshots
v12476.52013-09-27 at 07:40himesKarumaruka * Circleadded aliases
v12476.42013-08-26 at 16:19ds1150Karumaruka * Circlecover
v12476.32013-04-21 at 05:21bananamacaroonKarumaruka * CircleTemp image
v12476.22013-04-21 at 05:05bananamacaroonKarumaruka * CircleFixed typo in romaji title
v12476.12013-04-21 at 04:25earthwormKarumakura * Circlenew vn