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Koi Iro Crescendo ~Princess Diva of Convallaria~

恋色クレシェンド 〜Princess Diva of Convallaria〜

TitleKoi Iro Crescendo ~Princess Diva of Convallaria~
Original title恋色クレシェンド 〜Princess Diva of Convallaria〜
AliasesLove-Color Crescendo
DeveloperShoujo Idenshi
PublishersShoujo Idenshi


I thought it was love at first sight. When you smiled, my heart pounded and my cheeks turned hot. I won't ever, ever forget that... Today, you looked at me a little. Today, you spoke with me a little. Today, today, today, today... With that little pile growing, I'm feeling you.

── The princess diva of Convallaria sang of love again today. ──

I love you, and these feelings won't change, but little by little, bit by bit, something is changing. I thought it was love at first sight. Beautifully and tenderly, longing for my sempai. That's what I thought. As the days piled up, this feeling has gradually grown great and big. I've finally begun to notice it...──

[Translated from The Official website]

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