Oyako Donburi


TitleOyako Donburi
Original title母娘どんぶり
Aliases母娘どんぶり Super Coupling DVD
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Publishers Beenyan
Shares characters
Oyako Donburi 3 ~Ore ga Aitsu de Aits...
Oyako Donburi 2 ~Akira no Baai~


This summer is different from previous ones, not only the temparature but also my mind and body. Shintaro has a beautiful mother and pretty younger sister who have been living with him. But this summer is somehow different.... One day, when he enters a bathroom to have a bath, there is a sister, Tomoe. She gives a shriek and runs away. This is the first time for him to see his sister as a woman. And when he soaks in a bath, Tomoe comes in to apologize for what she did to him and she says she will wash his back....

[From ErogeShop]

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