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Relations[official] Sequel: Mystereet ~Other Side of Church~

[official] Shares characters: Dual M -Sora no Kioku-

[official] Fandisc: Mystereet ~Detective Vacation~
[official] Sequel: Mystereet F ~Tantei-tachi no Curtain Call~
[official] Shares characters: Exodus Guilty - Virginal Vol. 3
[official] Shares characters: Exodus Guilty
[official] Same series: Mystereet ~Other Side of Church~
[official] Same series: Fukakutei Sekai no Tantei Shinshi
[official] Shares characters: Dual M -Sora no Kioku-
[official] Same setting: Juujigen Rippoutai Cipher ~Aoki Tsuki no Suitei~
[official] Fandisc: Mystereet ~Detective Vacation~
[official] Sequel: Mystereet F ~Tantei-tachi no Curtain Call~
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[r2366] sf5657 [Safe / Tame (9)] old flag: Safe
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Mystereet ~Fukagyaku Sekai no Tantei Shinshi~


TitleMystereet ~Fukagyaku Sekai no Tantei Shinshi~
Original titleミステリート~不可逆世界の探偵紳士~
DeveloperAbel Software & Abel
PublishersAbel Software & Abel & Yeti & Contents Traffic Co., Ltd.
Shares characters
Dual M -Sora no Kioku-
Exodus Guilty
Exodus Guilty - Virginal Vol. 3
Mystereet ~Detective Vacation~
Mystereet F ~Tantei-tachi no Curtain ...
Same series
Fukakutei Sekai no Tantei Shinshi
Mystereet ~Other Side of Church~
Same setting
Juujigen Rippoutai Cipher ~Aoki Tsuki...
Shops» JP¥ 2619 @ DLsite
» US$ 61.90 @ PlayAsia


Become Yasogami Kaoru, the youngest class A detective in IDLA, an international detective organization, and solve difficult cases that baffle veteran policemen. Although the game is split into episodes, the plot lines are interconnected and the web of relationships are so intricate that it is a real challenge to find the culprit and his or her motives.

The game is split into four episodes and a prologue. The prologue demonstrates the prowess of the youngest class A detective in action as he solves a murder case on a cruise ship. The main storyline starts at the first episode where Kaoru accepts a case from IDLA's Director Connor, to locate the legendary detective Agyou Sohma who disappeared. To solve the case, Kaoru masqueraded as a class D detective and entered Sohma's Shiawase Detective Agency. To make matters even more complicated, Shiawase Detective Agency has a accepted a case from a Mrs. Toudou to catch the mysterious thief Sapphire.

After solving Mrs. Toudou case, Kaoru, still in disguise, is given another case to solve in episode two, he is to find out the truth behind the mysterious fire that burnt people to death in the local church, and at the same time, figure out the cryptic message the pastor left before his own death. In episode three, Kaoru receives a challenge from another class A detective, to find out a murderer amongst five hypnotized persons.

The grand final of this game lies in the last episode. Class A detectives from all over the world are invited to Baron Kazamatsuri's deserted mansion to solve a foretold murder case. Sohma Agioh name is in the list and old foes like the mysterious bandit Sapphire shows up. Can Kaoru solve, or even prevent the murder case and find Agyou Sohma in this grand finale?

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Japanese (12)
2004-05-2818+Mystereet ~Fukagyaku Sekai no Tantei Shinshi~
2004-05-2818+Tantei Shinshi Super Value Pack - Limited Edition DVD-ROM
2004-08-2018+Mystereet ~Fukagyaku Sekai no Tantei Shinshi~ CD-ROM Edition
2004-08-2018+Tantei Shinshi Super Value Pack - CD-ROM
2006-05-2515+Mystereet ~Yasogami Kaoru no Chousen!~
2006-05-2515+Mystereet ~Yasogami Kaoru no Chousen!~ First Press Limited Edition
2006-05-2518+Mystereet ~Fukagyaku Sekai no Tantei Shinshi~ Special Pack
2008-04-2415+Mystereet Portable ~Yasogami Kaoru no Chousen~
2008-10-3115+Mystereet Windows ~Yasogami Kaoru no Chousen!~
2010-07-3018+Mystereet ~Fukagyaku Sekai no Tantei Shinshi~ Download Edition
2012-10-2618+Mystereet ~Fukagyaku Sekai no Tantei Shinshi~ Price Revised Edition
2013-01-1818+Kanno Hiroyuki Memorial

Full character list

Character summary

Yasogami KaoruProtagonist
Voiced by Ogata MegumiPS2/PSP
Mainokouji MikageMain character
Voiced by Kajita YuukiPS2/PSP
Marta AlgereachMain character
Voiced by Yukino SatsukiPS2/PSP
Nanao SerinaMain character
Voiced by Motoi EmiPS2/PSP
Nanjou MiyukiMain character
Voiced by Neya MichikoPS2/PSP
Amakusa YunaSide character
Voiced by Ichimura Oma
AyanokoujiSide character
Voiced by Shinomiya Gou
Azuma NishiSide character
Voiced by Kawada Shinji
Busujima TakeoSide character
ChenSide character
Voiced by Yukana
Director ConnerSide character
Voiced by Ozaki Jun
Doujima KanaeSide character
Voiced by Yukana
Doujima RankoSide character
Voiced by Iijima Kyouko
Doujima TetsuoSide character
FinaSide character
Voiced by Iijima Kyouko
Fujidou AkiSide character
Voiced by Yukino Satsuki
Hikawa MaiSide character
Voiced by YukanaPS2/PSP
Hoshino MegumiSide character
Voiced by Hyo-sei
Kamo EbizouSide character
Kisaragi ToshirouSide character
Miranda El ChildSide character
Voiced by Iijima Kyouko
Sapphire ThiefSide character
Voiced by Kusayanagi JunkoPS2/PSP
Sawada KeitarouSide character
Voiced by Mori Norihisa
Shindou MaikaSide character
Voiced by Hyo-sei
Suzuki ShigemitsuSide character
Todoroki MamoruSide character
Voiced by Ozaki Jun
Yamaoka ShizukaSide character
Voiced by Iijima Kyouko
Yamizuka YaheiSide character
Yurihara ReiSide character
Voiced by Ichimura Oma
Yurihara ShuuSide character

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Mystereet ~Fukagyaku Sekai no Tantei Shinshi~

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Mystereet Windows ~Yasogami Kaoru no Chousen!~

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