Mahou Shoujo Mion ~Mashou Jutai no Koku~


TitleMahou Shoujo Mion ~Mashou Jutai no Koku~
Original title魔法少女みおん~魔生受胎の刻~
AliasesMagical Mion -Age of Demona Fertilia-
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Valkyria
Same setting
Mahou Shoujo Erena ~Nikukan Ingoku no...


Mion returns to the fateful city to find her childhood friend and her own memories. But suddenly she is seized by the alien lifeform Zold, from that day onward begins a tempest of shame!

At last she makes the connection between Zold and her friend's disappearance. Enduring disgrace from all sides, she takes the ultimate stand!

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