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v12694.272020-06-12 at 12:57shitFault Milestone OneAdd renai link
v12694.262019-09-15 at 14:29beliarFault Milestone OneReverted to revision v12694.24 The picture is quite obviously squashed horizontally and presented in a much lower resolution. The former is miles
v12694.252019-09-15 at 13:56blackacetiorFault Milestone OneChange cover art to the "visual update 2018"
v12694.242019-03-02 at 22:15iitoraFault Milestone OneAdded info about the OP for PS4/Switch.
v12694.232017-12-27 at 00:32multiFault Milestone OneReverse relation update caused by revision v22310.3
v12694.222017-12-27 at 00:32multiFault Milestone OneReverse relation update caused by revision v22310.2
v12694.212016-08-23 at 00:01madushaFault Milestone OneRemoved original title which was the same as title.
v12694.202016-03-29 at 13:35alexandraidvFault Milestone One+WP link
v12694.192015-12-08 at 20:42yoxallFault Milestone Oneadded staff
v12694.182015-09-02 at 09:19eacilFault Milestone Onetitles link title music = composer (wasn't sure)
v12694.172015-09-02 at 07:56eacilFault -Milestone One-staff linked - such a pain, and a shame to not have a fucking proper staff page (am I blind?)
v12694.162015-06-01 at 11:26beliarFault -Milestone One-typos in description
v12694.152015-03-09 at 14:31alaraumFault -Milestone One-Adding pictures with the correct resolution.
v12694.142015-03-07 at 21:51wakaranaiFault -Milestone One-screenshots with non-native resolution removed.
v12694.132015-02-24 at 19:53slv76Fault -Milestone One-Capitalization (link)
v12694.122015-02-11 at 10:39alaraumfault -milestone one-.
v12694.112015-02-11 at 10:38alaraumfault -milestone one-Those 3 pictures I removed were MASSIVE spoilers
v12694.102014-12-16 at 22:13butterflygrrlfault -milestone one-Updating to use the Steam description. Developers give length as 3-10 hours.
v12694.92014-12-10 at 12:35multifault -milestone one-Reverse relation update caused by revision v16415.1
v12694.82014-12-04 at 05:02animus120fault -milestone one-added Japanese screenshot of the game
v12694.72014-12-04 at 04:55animus120fault -milestone one-edit length to medium
v12694.62014-12-04 at 04:54animus120fault -milestone one-added length of the novel
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v12694.12013-06-05 at 09:02undying12fault -milestone one-add fault -milestone one- , C83