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Boku no Koto Karera no Koto


TitleBoku no Koto Karera no Koto
Original title僕のこと彼らのこと
AliasesBokukare, 僕のこと、彼らのこと


The moment Kuga Ryuuta enters high school, he's chased by resident delinquent, Yamaki Kyousuke, who doesn't even faze after he vehemently declines the confession. Appearing like saviours to drowning ukes are Mysterious Person Haruto and Weird Gaijin Axel Kings (no, really, that's his name) and long-suffering bearded teacher Nishio. A story full of laughter, punches in the faces, public baths and serious serious honestly serious drama!

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Japanese (2)
2007-08-1412+Boku no Koto Karera no Koto
2008-02-1512+Boku no Koto Karera no Koto - Trial Edition

Full character list

Character summary

Kuga RyuutaProtagonist
Axel KingsleyMain character
HarutoMain character
NishioMain character
Yamaki KyousukeMain character
HasegawaSide character
HayashiSide character
KubotaSide character
SuzukiSide character
TsuchikataSide character
YokoyamaSide character

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