Corpse Party: BloodDrive

コープスパーティー BloodDrive

Corpse Party: BloodDrive
TitleCorpse Party: BloodDrive
Original titleコープスパーティー BloodDrive
Aliasesコープスパーティー ブラッドドライブ, Corpse Party: BD
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Developer5pb. Games & Team Gris Gris
Publishers 5pb. Games & XSEED Games
 XSEED Games
 5pb. Games & Marvelous Europe & XSEED Games
Corpse Party: Book of Shadows
Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient
Side story
Corpse Party -The Anthology- Sachiko ...
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Set two months after the events of Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, Ayumi Shinozaki had paid the price for her use of black magic and been afflicted with a serious illness. However, she managed to somehow survive with the help of Naomi Nakashima. The grim grimoire, known as the Book of Shadows, now has laid waste to the Shinozaki estate and both the estate and tome vanished, leaving only a plot of land where it once stood.
Before she was hospitalized, an acquaintance of Ayumi's older sister, Hinoe Shinozaki, who belongs to the W.I., the Wiccan Institute, an organization that worshiped spirits. Telling Ayumi to get Book of Shadows back, her trail now leads into the residence once belonged to Makina Shinozaki.
The day after being discharged from the hospital, Ayumi went to visit the estate where Makina Shinozaki resided. However, it was run-down and looked to have been closed for a long time; "NO TRESPASSING" tape was strewn up everywhere, blocking entry. She stared intently at the estate with fierce determination. ...She couldn't afford to let Satoshi and the others be involved this time.
For Ayumi, it was the responsibility of Shinozaki's bloodline. The lone struggle and legacy of her lineage.

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Kishinuma Yoshiki
Kishinuma Yoshiki岸沼 良樹 A
MeasurementsHeight: 172cm, Weight: 62kg
Birthday8 November
Hair, Blond, Short, Spiky, V Bangs, White
Eyes, Grey, Hosome
Body, Average Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Kemonomimi Headband, Knee-high Socks, Maid's Dress, School Uniform, Swim Shorts, Trousers, T-shirt, Uwabaki, Wedding Dress
Items, Mobile Phone
Personality, Cynic, Honest, Kind, Ore, Rebellious, Reserved, Stubborn
Role, Classmate, Delinquent, Full Brother, High School Student, Living Alone, Older Brother, Part-time Worker, Roommate, Son, Writer
Engages in, Avoidable Murder, Bridal Carry, Cannibalism, Cleaning, Competition, Computering, Cooking, Dimensional Travel, Sarcasm, Smoking, Swimming, Unarmed Fighting
Subject of, Asphyxia, Avoidable Death, Bone Fracture, Child Abuse, Coercion, Disaster, Fainting, Fake Death, Filming, Forced Cross-dressing, Injury, Malevolent Possession, Memory Alteration, Resurrection, Survival, Teasing, Torture, Wounding
Voiced byNakamura Yuuichi


Likes: Practicing instruments
Dislikes: People who don't have a backbone
Hobbies: Listening to music

A 17-year-old student in Kisaragi High class 2-9.
Often regarded as sarcastic and cynical, but as far as he's concerned, he's just being honest.
Although generally not one to participate in events, his fondness for Satoshi and Ayumi means he'll make an exception now and again if either is involved.
With intense drama at home, Yoshiki currently works part-time after school to afford rent on a small apartment, where he lives alone.

[From Corpse Party Character Introductions]

He also has a younger sister, Miki, who takes care of him from time to time and seems to be the only person who can understand his situation.

<hidden by spoiler settings>After the events of Blood Drive, both Yoshiki and Ayumi lose their memories about their friends, while their friends lose their memories of them, as if the two never really existed. Yoshiki is now taking care of Ayumi after she absorbed the Nirvana into herself.

Mochida Satoshi
Mochida Satoshi持田 哲志 O
MeasurementsHeight: 168cm, Weight: 54kg
Birthday4 July
Hair, Brown, Short, Spiky Bangs, Straight
Eyes, Brown, Tareme
Body, Average Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Cape, Crown, School Swimsuit, School Uniform, Shirt, Sports Swimsuit, Trousers
Personality, Altruistic, Charismatic, Donkan, Friendly, Kind, Ore, Timid
Role, Childhood Friend, Classmate, Friend, Full Brother, High School Student, Older Brother, Son
Engages in, Dimensional Travel, Investigation, Planning, Swimming, Teasing
Subject of, Attempted Homicide, Avoidable Death, Disaster, Fainting, Flirting, Grief, Injury, Memory Alteration, Survival, Teasing
Voiced byShimono Hiro


Likes: School
Dislikes: The dark, confined spaces, and ghost stories
Hobbies: Collecting CDs

A 17-year-old student in Kisaragi Academy Senior High class 2-9. Fairly average, but popular. Known for being both kind and cowardly in equal measure.
Despite his timidness, he's very personable and open, which complements his general sensitivity toward others to make him a natural leader.
The one person even to challenge that leadership is Naomi -- who is, consequently, the only person to whom Satoshi regularly defers judgement.

[From Corpse Party Character Introductions]

Mochida Yuka
Mochida Yuka持田 由香 A
AliasesYukacchi, Yukalina, Yukes, Rabbit, Pee Girl
MeasurementsHeight: 140cm, Weight: 34kg
Birthday2 October
Hair, Parted to Side, Short, Short Bangs, Spiky Bangs, Violet
Eyes, Blue, Tareme
Body, AA Cup, Kid, Pale, Short, Slim, Younger Appearance
Clothes, Ankle Socks, Bikini, Dress, Headband, Maid's Dress, Maid's Headdress, Nurse's Cap, Nurse Uniform, School Swimsuit, School Uniform, Shorts, Towel
Personality, Brocon, Clumsy, Friendly, Immature, Naive, Shy, Spoiled, Sweets Lover, Third Person
Role, Classmate, Daughter, Friend, Full Sister, Middle School Student, Younger Sister
Engages in, Cleaning, Cooking, Dimensional Travel, Escape From Confinement, Investigation, Planning, Swimming, Teasing
Subject of, Avoidable Death, Confinement, Disaster, Enchainment, Fainting, Kidnapping, Malevolent Possession, Memory Alteration, Piggyback Ride, Survival, Teasing, Torture
Voiced byKitamura Eri


Likes: Rock candy and peach juice
Dislikes: Raisins
Hobbies: Collecting scented beads

Satoshi's 14-year-old sister. Though she's an eight-grader at Kisaragi Academy Junior High School, she looks and acts much, much younger.
In the Mochida household, Yuka's always been the 'princess', generally getting her way and thus never really shedding her childlike behavior.
Despite this, she yearns to grow up, often attempting to act older or behave than she is -- which sometimes gets her in trouble.

[From Corpse Party Character Introductions]

Nakashima Naomi
Nakashima Naomi中嶋 直美 A
MeasurementsHeight: 158cm, Weight: 46kg
Birthday14 December
Hair, Brown, Parted to Side, Short, Straight
Eyes, Brown, Symbol, Tareme
Body, Average Height, E+ Cup, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Bikini, Brooch, Ceremonial Japanese Clothing, Cravat, Eyepatch, Knee-high Socks, Maid's Dress, Miniskirt, Nurse Uniform, Pajamas, Sailor Suit, School Swimsuit, School Uniform, Skirt, Sport Bloomers, Sports Uniform, Tie Pin, Uwabaki
Items, Mobile Phone, Scissors
Personality, Atashi, Carefree, Immature, Kind, Modern Tsundere, Spoiled, Stubborn, Tomboy
Role, Childhood Friend, Classmate, Daughter, Friend, Half-orphan, High School Student, Neighbor
Engages in, Avoidable Murder, Cooking, Dimensional Travel, Escape From Confinement, Manslaughter, Medication, Stalking, Suicide, Teasing, Vomiting
Subject of, Attempted Homicide, Avoidable Death, Blindness, Coercion, Confinement, Curse, Delusion, Disaster, Flirting, Grief, Injury, Malevolent Possession, Memory Alteration, Mental Breakdown, Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder, Psychological Trauma, Survival, Teasing
Voiced bySatou Rina


Likes: Children, her mother, and her blankie from when she was a kid
Dislikes: Crustaceans, ambulance sirens, and the smell of disinfectant from the infirmary
Hobbies: Cooking and playing the piano

A 16-year-old student in Kisaragi High class 2-9, and a classmate of Satoshi's since junior high. Frequently greets Satoshi with, 'oh, not YOU again!'.
Having lost her father a few years back, Naomi and her mother now depend on one another for moral support. Still, she remains optimistic and cheerful.
Her home life has given her an interest in nursing, which she is intent on pursuing. She spends her time studying, aiming for acceptance to medical school.

[From Corpse Party Character Introductions]

Niwa Aiko
Niwa Aiko丹羽 亜衣子 AB
AliasesAi-chan, Intelligence Agent (self-proclaimed)
MeasurementsHeight: 162cm, Weight: 46kg
Birthday3 November
Hair, Black, Blunt Bangs, Sidehair, Straight, Waist Length+
Eyes, Tsurime, Violet
Body, Average Height, E+ Cup, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Belt, Clothing with Ribbons, Corset, Kimono, Knee-high Socks, Miniskirt, Pendant Earring, Ribbon Hair Accessory, Sailor Suit, Sandals, School Swimsuit, School Uniform, Thigh-high Stockings
Items, Mobile Phone
Personality, Envious, Manipulative, Mysterious, Pretending, Sly, Smart, Watashi
Role, Comrade, Friend, Full Sister, High School Student, Lonely, Psychic, Rival, Schoolmate, Senpai, Vendor, Younger Sister
Engages in, Blackmail, Dimensional Travel, Investigation, Photography, Sadism, Shopping, Teasing
Subject of, Disaster, Fake Death, Injury, Survival, Torture
Voiced byYamaguchi Rikako


Likes: Spiritual tools and solid perfumes
Dislikes: Animals
Hobbies: Collecting spiritual tools and confirming the balance of her bank account

A student from Paulownia Academy class 3-5. Aiko is an informer with an interest in spiritual items and money. She has sympathy for Sachiko, and is a third-year student at Paulownia Academy. She's often in conflict with Naho Saenoki. As described by her, Aiko is a gossip interested in other people's private lives, using her spiritual powers to find out more about them. She is also the younger sister of Kuon, whom she is envious of.

Niwa Kuon
Niwa Kuon庭 久遠 AB
MeasurementsHeight: 170cm, Weight: 46kg
Birthday2 November
Hair, Braid, Braided Headband, Multiple Braids, V Bangs, Waist Length+, White
Eyes, Blue, Tareme
Body, Average Height, C Cup, Pale, Slim, Underweight, Young-adult, Younger Appearance
Clothes, Boots, Capri Pants, Pendant Necklace, Skirt Suit, Towel, Watch
Personality, Altruistic, Cold-hearted, Deredere, Friendly, Genius, Hardworker, Honest, Kind, Mysterious, Perfectionist, Pragmatic, Protective, Secretive, Strange, Watashi, Workaholic
Role, Executive, Full Sister, Older Sister, Teacher, Wealthy
Engages in, Cleaning, Cooking, Dimensional Travel, Self-sacrifice, Unarmed Fighting
Subject of, Death, Disaster, Grief, Turndown
Voiced byHayami Saori


Likes: Aiko
Dislikes: Nothing much
Hobbies: Visiting the zoo

Kuon is the new, 24-year-old assistant homeroom teacher to Satoshi's class. She is mysterious and reminds Satoshi and the others of Yui, and tries to get Satoshi to like her by doing strange things, such as buying him his favorite food and having it be delivered to him by a helicopter. She is also Aiko's older sister, whom she calls "Ai-chan" and treasures very much.

<hidden by spoiler settings>Kuon has an abnormal brain and white hair, making her the "perfect" genius. People have constantly pushed her to exert her brain and life energy which led to her having the body of a 90-year-old at the age of 24. This is shown in the onsen event in Chapter 5, how she is abnormally skinny, her body being almost nothing but skin and bones. The watch on her wrist shows her remaining lifespan.

Shinozaki Ayumi
Shinozaki Ayumi篠崎 あゆみ A
MeasurementsHeight: 151cm, Weight: 43kg
Birthday12 September
Hair, Blue, Long, Shoulder-length, Sidehair, Spiky Bangs, Twin Tails
Eyes, Blue, Tareme
Body, AA Cup, Average Height, Pale, Scar, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Brooch, Cravat, Dress, Eyepatch, Hair Tie, Hospital Gown, Knee-high Socks, Maid's Dress, Maid's Headdress, Miniskirt, Nurse's Cap, Nurse Uniform, One Piece Swimsuit, Sailor Suit, School Swimsuit, School Uniform, Tie Pin, Towel, Uwabaki
Items, Book, Mobile Phone, Wheelchair
Personality, Coward, Emotional, Honest, Kind, Low Self-esteem, Loyal, Misandrist, Modern Tsundere, Otaku, Proactive, Selfish, Sensitive, Smart, Stubborn, Timid, Watashi
Role, Classmate, Class President, Daughter, Friend, Full Sister, Grimoire, High School Student, Psychic, Younger Sister
Engages in, Arson, Avoidable Murder, Cleaning, Cooking, Dimensional Travel, Duel, Investigation, Planning, Self-harm, Suicide Attempt, Swimming, Teasing, Visual Arts, Vomiting
Subject of, Amnesia, Anemia, Avoidable Death, Bridal Carry, Curse, Disaster, Eye Removal, Fainting, Filming, Grief, Hospitalization, Injury, Insanity, Malevolent Possession, Memory Alteration, Mental Breakdown, Psychological Trauma, Psychosis, Sexual Harassment, Survival, Teasing
Voiced byImai Asami


Likes: Fortune telling, manga, anime, novellas, and the PlayStation Portable
Dislikes: Adults (Mainly men)
Hobbies: Telling ghost stories, collecting occult paraphernalia, and illustrating

The 17-year-old appointed representative of Kisaragi High classe 2-9.
Often subjects her classmates to ghost stories, and revels in hearing them scream.
It's generally believed she carries candles and other 'horror goods' with her at all times, just in case an opportunity presents itself to use them.
In truth, however, Ayumi wears this reputation as a mask to hide her own fear of the unknown, which rivals Satoshi's in its intensity.
When faced with any truly scary situation, her knees give out and panic sets in. Only her personal pride can break her out of this fear-induced state.

[From Corpse Party Character Introductions]

<hidden by spoiler settings>In Blood Drive, she begins to obsess over reviving her dead friends, and goes back to Heavenly Host to achieve her goal. Sachiko's spirit, attached to Ayumi guides her to realize that the Book of Shadows was inside her all along, and so becomes its new master. Unfortunately at the end, her existence, along with Yoshiki's is erased in order to bring back the memories of their dead friends when she absorbs the Nehan into herself.

Main characters

Kiriya Misuto
Kiriya Misuto桐谷 御簾徒 AB
AliasesPenguin-san, Mr. Penguin, Pedo Parka Dude, Parka Freak
MeasurementsHeight: 155cm, Weight: 45kg
Birthday30 January
Hair, Green, Shaggy, Shoulder-length, Spiky Bangs
Eyes, Green, Hosome
Body, Average Height, Pale, Slim, Teen, Younger Appearance
Clothes, Hoodie, Knee-high Socks, Sports Shoes, Trousers
Items, Book, Umbrella
Personality, Arrogant, Cynic, Manipulative, Misanthrope, Mysterious, Ore, Possessive, Pretending, Rude
Role, Antagonist, Apprentice, Ex-boyfriend, Magician, Member of a Sect, Orphan, Priest
Engages in, Dimensional Travel, Fighting, Murder, Revenge, Sexual Harassment, Theft
Subject of, Amputation, Breakup, Bullying, Homicide
Voiced byOosuka Jun


Likes: 10 yen gum
Dislikes: Wasabi
Hobbies: Watching cats

The mysterious young man who suddenly appears in front of half-naked Ayumi, telling her that she can bring her friends back to life if she retrieves the Book of Shadows. He was part of a clan similar to the Shinozaki and his grandfather was a Shinto Priest. However, his family was ostracized by society which eventually led to their deaths. This has caused him to hate the world. <hidden by spoiler settings>Learning about how Hinoe, his tutor and former girlfriend, died for her sister Ayumi, Misuto lost hope and plans to rule the world by using a new and replica Book of Shadows. He plans on creating a world where only the ones with high spiritual levels can have the power and rule the world.

Mizuhara Satsuki
Mizuhara Satsuki水原 さつき B
AliasesSatsukiinu, Satskin
MeasurementsHeight: 143cm, Weight: 36kg
Birthday10 June
Hair, Brown, Parted in Middle, Shaggy, Short, Sidehair, Spiky Bangs
Eyes, Green, Tsurime
Body, C Cup, Kid, Pale, Short, Slim
Clothes, Bikini, Hairpin, Overall, Robe, School Swimsuit, School Uniform, Sports Shoes, Towel, T-shirt, Uwabaki
Personality, Airhead, Boku, Carefree, Cold-hearted, Food Lover, Friendly, Immature, Obedient, Pretending, Protective, Stoic, Watashi
Role, Childhood Friend, Classmate, Friend, Member of a Sect, Middle School Student, Orphan, Spy, Transfer Student, Zombie
Engages in, Cannibalism, Dimensional Travel, Investigation, Murder, Planning, Religion, Teasing
Subject of, Child Abuse, Disaster, Fainting, Injury, Surgery, Survival
Voiced byHara Yumi


Likes: Potato chips and shoujo manga
Dislikes: Cockroaches and insects
Hobbies: Collecting and sharing shoujo manga with Yuka

Satsuki is Yuka's best friend and classmate. She is an airhead who doesn't seem the least bit fazed when she arrived at Heavenly Host Elementary School. She always carries around a bag of potato chips. Satsuki is much more cheerful than Yuka and a little perverted like Seiko, even introducing herself to Satoshi with the line "I'm Mizuhara Satsuki, C-cup!". She also likes to tease Yuka, especially about her crush on Satoshi.

<hidden by spoiler settings>Satsuki is actually a member of the secret society, Tomb of Martuba, and was sent to observe Yuka who had acquired immense amounts of spiritual energy. She has been a member of it almost her whole life due to her extremist parents. Satsuki's real name is Satsuki Nekoma (根駒 さつき), and in reality, Satsuki is the result of Spiritual Surgery, a transformation experiment conducted by Martuba's Tomb by combining two individuals: Satsuki and her friend, Harue Mizuhara. Due to the surgery, Satsuki is able to assume a monster mode, where her head splits into 8 parts, and she also "inherited" Harue's personality. Her monster form mirrors Harue's death - she ended up in car accident, with her jaw being split open, and then kidnapped and killed by members of Martuba after she tried getting Satsuki ditch her religion for some free time.

Mizuki Magari
Mizuki Magari十三月 愛狩 A
MeasurementsHeight: 155cm, Weight: 44kg
Birthday25 July
Hair, Blond, Blunt Bangs, Sidehair, Twin Tails, Waist Length+
Eyes, Blue
Body, Average Height, D Cup, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Clothing with Ribbons, Crop Top, Cross Design, Cross Necklace, Dress, Fishnet Clothing, Garter Belt Stockings, Gloves, Half-Skirt, Lolita, Lolita Hairband, Ribbon Hair Tie
Items, Book, Mobile Phone, Scythe
Personality, Antisocial, Confident, Honorable, Mysterious, Pretending, Short-tempered, Sly, Stubborn, Watashi
Role, Head of a Sect, High School Student, Magician, Member of a Sect, Orphan, Popular, Senpai, Transfer Student
Engages in, Blackmail, Dimensional Travel, Fighting, Investigation, Murder, Religion, Theft, Unarmed Fighting
Subject of, Disaster, Survival, Teasing
Voiced byUchida Maaya


Precise height: 154.5 cm
Hobbies: Exfoliating
Family: Waldo (her butler)

A transfer student to Paulownia Academy that wields a scythe. Magari possibly has a lot of charm as it is easy for her to start a conversation. Right after she transferred, she got a lot of attention from her class. She's a member of a black magic cult, Tomb of Martuba, who seems to be deeply involved with the Book of Shadows, and wants to interfere with Ayumi to take the book to herself. Magali also knows how to manipulate people. During evenings, she acts as a "Warrior of Justice" and beats up different kinds of people while wearing a skimpy outfit. According to her, all she cares is about judgment of good and evil. As shown in Blood Drive, she acts friendly in front of adults and teachers, but in reality hates them.

Hair, Black, V Bangs
Eyes, Black, Unnatural Sclera
Body, Kid, Pale, Pointed Ears, Ugly
Clothes, Barefoot, Dress
Items, Axe
Personality, Cruel, Envious, Lisping, Mysterious, Third Person
Role, Antagonist, Ghost, Twin Sister
Engages in, Arson, Attempted Homicide, Cursing, Disguise, Malevolent Possession, Murder
Subject of, Death
Voiced byKondou Yui


One of the main antagonists of the game. She wanders around Nirvana, occasionally trying to kill Ayumi and others by herself or using Yoshikazu and her other servants.

Sachi is a completely malicious spirit who loves wrecking havoc everywhere she goes. Having no sense of right and wrong, she can't be reasoned with and she only acts according to her whim and emotions. She also speaks incoherently.

<hidden by spoiler settings>Her real name is Shinozaki Sachi. She is Sachiko's unborn twin who absorded her in their mother's womb. However, when Sachiko absorbed Sachi, she tried to fight back by biting her, resulting in her two teeth getting lodged near her heart and Sachiko had to undergo a surgery to remove them.

Shinozaki Sachiko
Shinozaki Sachiko篠崎 サチコ A
AliasesAa-chan, Girl in Red Dress, Sacchan, Sachi
MeasurementsHeight: 124cm, Weight: 21kg
Birthday19 July
Hair, Black, Eye Covering, Long, Parted to Side
Eyes, Grey, Hosome
Body, Kid, Scar, Short, Slim, Unnatural Skin Tone
Clothes, Barefoot, Dress, One Piece Swimsuit, Sailor Suit, School Uniform, Torn Clothing
Items, Knife, Scissors, Stuffed Toy
Personality, Antisocial, Carefree, Cold-hearted, Cruel, Immature, Shy, Smart, Third Person
Role, Antagonist, Cousin, Daughter, Elementary School Student, Ghost, Lonely, Twin Sister
Engages in, Attempted Homicide, Betrayal, Breaking the Fourth Wall, Cannibalism, Dimensional Travel, Manslaughter, Mass Murder, Mind Control, Murder, Planning, Sadism, Shapeshifting, Swimming, Teasing, Torture
Subject of, Asphyxia, Birthday Celebration, Disaster, Homicide, Split Personality, Teasing
Voiced byOotani Ikue


"W h o d o y o u t h i n k y o u ' r e t a l k i n g t o , l i t t l e g i r l ? ! I ' l l w r i n g y o u r d a m n e d n e c k j u s t t o w a t c h y o u s q u i r m !"

The ghost of a young girl who shares the same surname as Ayumi. She is the main antagonist of Blood Covered and Book of Shadows. She is constantly seeking revenge for a mysterious reason, so she recreates the school in another dimension and starts kidnapping countless children, killing them in the cursed halls.

[From Corpse Party Wiki]

Side characters

Inumaru Haruyuki
Inumaru Haruyuki犬丸 晴行 B
AliasesDog, Stupid Dog
MeasurementsHeight: 184cm, Weight: 65kg
Birthday31 July
Hair, Brown, Shaggy, Short
Eyes, Brown, Tsurime
Body, Pale, Slim, Tall, Teen
Clothes, Knee-high Socks, Necktie, School Uniform, Shirt, Shorts, Swimsuit
Personality, Carefree, Deredere, Funny, Ore
Role, Butt Monkey, Childhood Friend, Classmate, Friend, Ghost, High School Student, Kouhai, Magician, Schoolmate
Engages in, Competition, Dimensional Travel, Masochism, Planning, Shopping, Teasing, Unarmed Fighting
Subject of, Acrophobia, Avoidable Death, Death, Delusion, Domestic Violence, Filming, Grief, Injury, Possession, Teasing
Voiced byYamaguchi Tomohiro


Likes: Sayaka
Dislikes: Raisin bread and heights
Hobbies: Dreaming about Sayaka

Haruyuki is a second year student at Paulownia Academy. He is spirited and free-willed, and madly in love with his childhood friend Sayaka. She harshly rejects him however, which he doesn't seem to mind.

Kizami Yuuya
Kizami Yuuya刻命 裕也 AB
MeasurementsHeight: 186cm, Weight: 72kg
Birthday23 November
Hair, Blue, Spiky Bangs
Eyes, Blue, Hosome
Body, Pale, Slim, Tall, Teen
Clothes, Chain Jewellery, Jacket, School Uniform, Shirt
Items, Pocket Knife
Personality, Cold-hearted, Kind, Manipulative, Mysterious, Ore, Pretending, Violent, Yangire
Role, Childhood Friend, Classmate, High School Student, Rival, Schoolmate, Villain, Younger Brother, Zombie
Engages in, Dimensional Travel, Kidnapping, Mercy Killing, Murder, Sadism
Subject of, Death, Fainting, Insanity, Resurrection, Skinning, Torture
Voiced bySugita Tomokazu


A student from Byakudan Senior High School's class 2-4. Yuuya is a mysterious but a somewhat protective and strong ally. He is friends with Kensuke Kurosaki since childhood.

<hidden by spoiler settings>However, deep down, Yuuya is a sinister, psychopathic killer who will kill without question. The first instance being his friend's hamster, as he attempts to stab and cut it as a child. He harbors a deep hatred against his family, his siblings in particular whom hate him back. He lives within the shadows of his siblings as the latter takes all the attention away from him. He is interestingly philosophical in a morbid manner, evident his monologue before his attempt on Yuka Mochida.

[From Corpse Party Wiki]

Morishige Sakutarou
Morishige Sakutarou森繁 朔太郎 AB
AliasesShige-nii , Shig-bro, Shig-nii, Shig
MeasurementsHeight: 178cm, Weight: 62kg
Birthday14 February
Hair, Spiky Bangs, V Bangs, Violet
Eyes, Green, Tsurime
Body, Average Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Glasses, Maid's Dress, Maid's Headdress, School Uniform, Swim Shorts, Trousers, Wedding Dress
Items, Mobile Phone
Personality, Antisocial, Cold-hearted, Hardworker, Ore, Reserved, Strange
Role, Acquaintance, Childhood Friend, Classmate, Friend, Ghost, Grandson, High School Student, School Drama Club Member
Engages in, Cannibalism, Competition, Dimensional Travel, Investigation, Necrophilia, Photography, Planning, Sadism, Suicide, Torture
Subject of, Avoidable Death, Death, Delusion, Filming, Forced Cross-dressing, Insanity, Resurrection, Teasing, Torture
Voiced byKakihara Tetsuya


Likes: Acting, his grandfather, collecting photo books
Dislikes: Reptiles
Hobbies: Watching plays, surfing the internet

A 16-year-old student in Kisaragi High class 2-9. He's been in theater club with Mayu since middle school, and developed a real closeness with her.
He finds socializing with anyone else to be more trouble than it's worth, however, so he typically regards his other classmates with indifference.
Takes great pride in his family heritage, and reacts violently if anyone else makes fun of his name. The only exception is the nickname Mayu's given him: "Shig-nii".

[From Corpse Party Character Introductions]

Ooue Sayaka
Ooue Sayaka大上 さやか A
MeasurementsHeight: 163cm, Weight: 46kg
Birthday29 August
Hair, Brown, Curly, Curtained, Long, No Bangs, Parted to Side, Pink, Sidehair, Thick Eyebrows
Eyes, Blue, Tsurime
Body, Average Height, C Cup, Mole, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Hairpin, Loafers, Miniskirt, Necktie, School Swimsuit, School Uniform, Thigh-high Stockings
Items, Mobile Phone
Personality, Altruistic, Bookworm, Friendly, Kind, Modern Tsundere, Puffy, Sweets Lover, Watashi
Role, Bisexual, Childhood Friend, Classmate, Friend, Ghost, High School Student, Model, Part-time Worker, Popular, Psychic, Schoolmate, Seiyuu, Younger Sister
Engages in, Dimensional Travel, Domestic Violence, Infiltration, Photography, Planning, Shopping, Swimming, Teasing, Vomiting
Subject of, Avoidable Death, Betrayal, Bone Fracture, Coercion, Confinement, Death, Fainting, Mental Breakdown, Possession, Wounding
Voiced byMako


Likes: Bugs, frogs and bears
Dislikes: Raisins
Hobbies: Cooking

A student of Paulownia Academy class 2-1, and Naho's best friend. Sayaka is a sweet and caring girl who leads a busy life as a student working a part time job at a studio. Her friendship with Naho is strong, forgiving Naho if she does anything wrong. She would even risk her life for Naho's. She thinks Kibiki is handsome but is not interested in him. She dislikes maggots and the sight of blood, the sheer thought of which will send chills down her spine.

Saenoki Naho
Saenoki Naho冴之木 七星 B
MeasurementsHeight: 161cm, Weight: 45kg
Birthday13 September
Hair, Blue, Hair Beads, Parted to Side, Short, Sidehair, Spiky Bangs, Straight, Twin Tails
Eyes, Blue, Tareme
Body, Average Height, C Cup, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Glasses, Hairpin, Jacket, Knee-high Socks, Miniskirt, Necktie, School Swimsuit, School Uniform, Unusual Hair Ornaments
Items, Paper Talismans
Personality, Deredere, Manipulative, Refined, Selfish, Smart, Strange, Sweets Lover, Watashi
Role, Classmate, Friend, Ghost, High School Student, Popular, Roommate, Schoolmate, Writer
Engages in, Betrayal, Computering, Dimensional Travel, Infiltration, Investigation, Murder, Planning, Shopping, Swimming, Teasing, Vomiting
Subject of, Curse, Death, Disappearance, Fainting, Headache, Injury, Insanity, Nightmares, Teasing, Weakness
Voiced byYamamoto Ayano


Likes: Loves everything about Kou Kibiki and studying urban legends
Dislikes: Humans who make her repeat herself and media scrum
Hobbies: Communicating with the spirit world, writing novels, and visiting cafés

A student from Paulownia Academy High School's class 2-1, and a victim trapped inside Heavenly Host Elementary School. Naho is a revered spiritualist who posted the strange ritual online that the students performed right before landing in Heavenly Host Elementary. On the outside, Naho plays a cool, calm and wise character if yet dubious and sinister. She cares for Kou Kibiki, while seen as a mentor and student relationship she would see it as a father-and-daughter relationship but to extreme cases, lovers.
<hidden by spoiler settings>While she can be remembered even after her death, in Blood Drive, it's revealed that people are slowly starting to forget who she is, shown from Magari's picture of Naho, where Naho's figure has started fading.

Shinohara Seiko
Shinohara Seiko篠原 世以子 B
MeasurementsHeight: 154cm, Weight: 44kg
Birthday22 December
Hair, Brown, Odango, Parted in Middle, Shoulder-length, Sidehair
Eyes, Amber, Tareme
Body, Average Height, D Cup, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Brooch, Cravat, Fedora, Hairpin, Knee-high Socks, Miniskirt, Sailor Suit, School Swimsuit, School Uniform, Sport Bloomers, Sunglasses, Tie Pin, Uwabaki
Items, Mobile Phone
Personality, Carefree, Energetic, Kind, Optimist, Outgoing, Pervert, Smart, Watashi
Role, Classmate, Friend, Full Sister, Ghost, Half-orphan, High School Student, Homosexual, Neighbor, Older Sister, Spirit
Engages in, Cleaning, Competition, Cooking, Dimensional Travel, Flirting, Planning, Swimming, Teasing
Subject of, Amputation, Asphyxia, Avoidable Death, Death, Resurrection
Voiced byArai Satomi


Likes: Doing her hair, interpretive song and dance
Dislikes: Being alone
Hobbies: Text messaging, keeping an observation diary on Naomi

A 16-year-old student in Kisaragi High class 2-9. Lives very close to Naomi, and generally accompanies her to and from school each day.
A free spirited, she often says or does things that take others by surprise -- though she's also easily forgiven due to her good nature and amiability.
Her mother disappeared three years ago, leaving her with three younger siblings and a working father. As such, she basically serves as head of the household.
Seiko seems to regard Naomi as a kindred spirit, and the two of them frequently have long conversations about their many dreams for the future.

[From Corpse Party Character Introductions]

<hidden by spoiler settings>In the events of Corpse Party: Blood Drive, she is discovered by Ayumi, trying to communicate with her through an ouija board and cannot be seen due to her low spiritual qualities. She tells Ayumi to tell Naomi that she is alright even though it is quite oblivious she is not, but doesn't want Naomi to worry about her, and still deeply cares about her even in death.

Shinozaki Yoshie
Shinozaki Yoshie篠崎 ヨシヱ A
MeasurementsHeight: 162cm, Weight: 48kg
Birthday15 May
Hair, Black, Bun, Curtained, Parted in Middle, Short
Body, Adult, Average Height, C Cup, Mole, Slim
Clothes, High Heels, Kimono, Shirt, Skirt, Torn Clothing
Items, Book, Diary
Personality, Friendly, Kind, Protective, Watashi
Role, Cousin, Ghost, Lonely, Mother, Niece, Psychic, School Nurse, Spirit, Widow
Engages in, Attempted Homicide, Cursing, Investigation, Malevolent Possession, Murder, Revenge
Subject of, Homicide, Rape Attempt
Voiced byOotani Ikue


Age: 27 (at death.)

Yoshie is the mother of Sachiko. Whilst she was alive, Yoshie was a kind, caring school nurse who she loved to be around children, especially her own child who she called her own "pride and joy" and seemed to be on good terms with Takamine Yanagihori before her death. After her death by the hands of the Principal she had a desire for revenge and placed a curse on the Yanagihori family, she also gradually became jealous of the nurse that replaced her, as well as the living in general. After several years, she became lonely and whilst under the influence of the darkening, wished for company. Her daughter Sachiko fuffiled her wishes and killed numerous children, sending their spirits to Heavenly Host to keep her company. However, she wishes to see her daughter once again.

<hidden by spoiler settings>In Blood Drive, it's shown that Yoshie had a lot to do with black magic from investigating the origins of the Sachiko Ever After to trying to resurrect her husband after the Shinozaki bloodline's curse did its work on him.

Takai Azusa
Takai Azusa高井 梓紗 AB
AliasesWife, Yome
MeasurementsHeight: 164cm, Weight: 48kg
Birthday29 April
Hair, Blond, Eye Covering, Parted to Side, Straight, Thick Eyebrows
Eyes, Blue, Heterochromia, Red
Body, Average Height, E+ Cup, Mole, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Beret, Cross Necklace, Leggings, Loafers, Miniskirt, Pantyhose, Sailor Suit, School Swimsuit, School Uniform
Items, Cross, Knife
Personality, Bookworm, Friendly, Honest, Kind, Mature, Pretending, Refined, Religious, Selfish, Smart, Watashi
Role, Childhood Friend, Classmate, Ex-girlfriend, High School Student, Magician, Member of a Sect
Engages in, Attempted Homicide, Dimensional Travel, Flirting, Planning, Religion, Sadism, Teasing, Unarmed Fighting
Subject of, Injury, Malevolent Possession, Mind Control, Possession
Voiced byYukana


Likes: Nothing in particular
Dislikes: Nothing in particular
Hobbies: Reading (mostly shoujo manga)

Azusa is a second year student at St. Cruz Girls' High School, a preparatory school for missionaries. She has divine powers which she can use to defeat evil spirits. She ended up in Heavenly Host Elementary School after performing the Sachiko Ever After ritual with Ran. She has a mature personality, and lightly shrugs off Ran's advances. She is calm and composed, and is able to make decisions after assessing her surroundings. Her approachable personality makes her able to befriend anyone fairly quickly. Calls Yoshiki "Knight-kun."

Deep down, Azusa is a person who can’t live without others. She benefits by taking advantage of favors and trusts she gains from other people. Believing herself to be chosen by God, she will not hesitate to betray her “friends” if that means she achieves something greater and lives according to her standard.

<hidden by spoiler settings>Azusa is actually a member of the secret cult, Tomb of Martuva. When she uses her powers, she reveals her other eye, which is red. She attempts to kill Yoshiki while being presumably under darkening, but is soon interrupted and caught by Magari.

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Kanno Yuki
Kanno Yuki管乃 雪 A
Aliases管乃 ゆき
MeasurementsHeight: 145cm, Weight: 38kg
Birthday24 May
Hair, Blunt Bangs, Brown, Ponytail, Shoulder-length, Twin Tails
Eyes, Blue, One-eyed, Tareme
Body, AA Cup, Kid, Pale, Short, Slim
Clothes, Dress, Hair Tie, Miniskirt, Pantyhose, Sweater
Items, Scissors
Personality, Kind, Shy, Violent, Watashi, Yangire
Role, Elementary School Student, Ghost, Villain
Engages in, Murder, Torture
Subject of, Eye Removal, Homicide, Kidnapping, Malevolent Possession
Voiced byIgarashi Hiromi


Age: 11 (at the time of her death)

One of the three main ghosts who roam Heavenly Host and the third victim of the murder case that took place in it. Her death was caused by repeated stabs in the left eye with a pair of scissors, reducing it to mush, and the subsequent removal of her tongue. She usually kills her victims in the same way she was killed, sometimes even playing with them and locking them in rooms where she can kill them without being disturbed.

<hidden by spoiler settings>When the player appeases Sachiko's spirit and allows her to pass on, the school selects Yuki as the new 'Sachiko' of the school, as shown by her dress turning red. This can also be seen in two of the game's Wrong Ends as well.

[From Wikipedia]

Katayama Ryousuke
Katayama Ryousuke片山 良介 A
MeasurementsHeight: 165cm, Weight: 52kg
Birthday28 March
Hair, Brown, Curtained, Parted in Middle, Short
Eyes, Brown
Body, Average Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
Personality, Lazy, Ore, Otaku
Role, Classmate, Friend, Gamer, High School Student, Son
Engages in, Cleaning, Dimensional Travel
Subject of, Amputation, Homicide, Piggyback Ride
Voiced byEndou Daisuke


Likes: Video games (especially dating sims)
Dislikes: Cold winters and hot summers
Hobbies: Making game walkthroughs, watching anime and collecting rare goods

Kizami's schoolmate who is also Ookawa's best friend, and they always go to school together. Ryousuke's usual routine is to stop at a game and anime store on his way back from school. Lately, he’s been obsessed with dating simulation games.

Gets along well with both Kurosaki and Fukuroi, and will often be talking about games with Tomohiro in the student council room while Fukuroi is silently working. Since he's been hanging around, Mitsuki started ordering him to do student council chores.

Kirisaki Touko
Kirisaki Touko霧崎 凍孤 A
MeasurementsHeight: 156cm, Weight: 48kg
Birthday20 February
Hair, Brown, Green, Ponytail, Shoulder-length, Spiky Bangs
Eyes, Blue, Tareme
Body, Average Height, C Cup, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Ankle Socks, Hair Ribbon, Knee-high Socks, Loafers, Maid's Dress, Maid's Headdress, Miniskirt, Necktie, Nurse Uniform, One Piece Swimsuit, Pleated Skirt, Ribbon Tie, Sailor Suit, School Swimsuit, School Uniform
Items, Scissors
Personality, Modern Tsundere, Naive, Outgoing, Timid, Watashi
Role, Classmate, Friend, High School Student, Schoolmate
Engages in, Attempted Homicide, Avoidable Murder, Cleaning, Cooking, Dimensional Travel, Investigation, Suicide, Swimming, Vomiting
Subject of, Asphyxia, Assault, Death, Injury, Insanity
Voiced byYoshida Seiko


Likes: Fortune telling, chili dogs from MOSDO!, and Labyrinth (Visual Kei Band)
Dislikes: The ocean (nearly drowned as a child) and rats
Hobbies: Collecting hair accessories and listening to music

A student from Class 2-4. She loves fortunetelling, a passion she shares with her best friends Emi and Mitsuki. Tohko’s usually lively and cheerful, but occasionally will act nervous. She loathes Shimada for his irresponsible way of dealing with girls, and has a crush on the cool and spotless Yuuya.

Kobayashi Ran
Kobayashi Ran古林 蘭 A
MeasurementsHeight: 145cm, Weight: 40kg
Birthday2 April
Hair, Blunt Bangs, Curly, Short, Violet
Eyes, Green, Tsurime
Body, AA Cup, Average Height, Kid, Pale, Slim
Clothes, Knee-high Socks, Sailor Suit, School Swimsuit, School Uniform, Thigh-high Stockings, Unusual Hair Ornaments
Items, Cross
Personality, Deredere, Food Lover, Funny, Immature, Short-tempered, Tsundere, Watashi
Role, Childhood Friend, Classmate, High School Student, Homosexual
Engages in, Dimensional Travel, Flirting, Planning, Religion, Swimming, Teasing
Subject of, Death, Fainting, Injury
Voiced byUesaka Sumire


Likes: Azusa and rice cakes covered in bean jam
Dislikes: Bell peppers
Hobbies: Observing Azusa

Ran is a sophomore at St. Cruz Girls' High School. She's in love with her childhood friend and classmate, Azusa, and calls herself "Azusa's wife." She talks like a boy and appears to have a childish personality. She wound up in Heavenly Host Elementary School after performing the Sachiko Ever After charm with Azusa.

Kurosaki Kensuke
Kurosaki Kensuke黒崎 健介 B
MeasurementsHeight: 167cm, Weight: 54kg
Birthday23 November
Hair, Blue, Short, Spiky, Violet
Eyes, Hosome, Violet
Body, Average Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, School Uniform, Shorts, Swim Shorts, Trousers, T-shirt
Personality, Carefree, Friendly, Hardworker, Ore
Role, Childhood Friend, Classmate, Friend, High School Student, School Basketball Club Member
Engages in, Basketball, Competition, Dimensional Travel, Swimming, Teasing
Subject of, Avoidable Death, Filming, Homicide, Resurrection, Tentacle Restraint
Voiced byYonaga Tsubasa


Likes: Basketball, karaoke
Dislikes: Leisures
Hobbies: Seeking employment

A student from Byakudan Senior High School's Class 2-4. He’s a classmate and childhood friend of Yuuya; they often played together when they were little. His cheerfulness and sociability make him the class' moodmaker. He is also a member of the Basketball Club. Ever since childhood he has loved exercising and running around the neighbourhood. Teachers give him good grades, and he’s willing to take on chores. However, because of his personality he often gets bossed around by Student Council representative Mitsuki. He thinks himself to be Yuuya's best friend, even though Yuuya doesn't hold any specifically friendly thoughts about him.

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Mizuhara Harue水原 春枝 
Personality, Cheerful, Friendly, Watashi
Role, Classmate, Friend, Middle School Student
Engages in, Teasing
Subject of, Accident, Homicide, Kidnapping
Voiced byTouyama Nao


Satsuki's classmate and friend. She calls her with the nickname "Satsukiinu" ("Satskin" in English).
<hidden by spoiler settings>After suggesting that Satsuki should ditch her religion for some free time, Harue ended up in a car accident and was then killed and kidnapped by the members of Tomb of Martuba, the secret society Satsuki had been a member of since her birth due to her extremist parents. She was then combined together with Satsuki through Spiritual Surgery.

Nakashima Natsumi
Nakashima Natsumi中嶋 夏海 O
MeasurementsHeight: 167cm, Weight: 52kg
Birthday6 August
Hair, Brown, Long
Eyes, Brown
Body, Adult, Average Height, D Cup, Pale, Slim
Clothes, Blouse, Jeans
Items, Knife, Mobile Phone
Personality, Honest, Kind, Watashi
Role, Kindergarten Teacher, Mother, Widow
Engages in, Cooking, Teasing
Subject of, Disaster, Grief, Possession
Voiced byYoshida Seiko


Likes: Children and apple pies
Dislikes: Riding attractions that makes you scream
Hobbies: Crafting

Natsumi is the 38-year-old mother of Naomi and a teacher at a nursery school in Tenjin. Natsumi is a teacher at a nursery school in Tenjin. She was widowed eight years ago when her husband, Naoyuki, was killed in a traffic accident in front of their house. She has raised Naomi since then with kindness and a little bit of severity. She is good with handicrafts, and used to knit socks and sweaters for Naomi when she was little; knitting things like stuffed dolls made Naomi happy. Natsumi is a popular teacher at the nursery school, and both children and parents call her "Natsumi-sensei".

<hidden by spoiler settings>In both Book of Shadows and Blood Drive, it's shown that Natsumi doesn't treat Naomi kindly anymore and thinks that her daughter is completely insane, always talking about, crying over and having strong moodswings because of a girl who doesn't even exists (Seiko's existence has been competely wiped from the reality, and only the original five can remember her and the others). Due to this, she forces Naomi to take medicine, which possibly calms her down because she is running out of patience with her.

[From Corpse Party Wiki]

Ookawa Tomohiro
Ookawa Tomohiro大川 智寛 O
MeasurementsHeight: 164cm, Weight: 50kg
Birthday5 October
Hair, Brown, Short, Straight
Eyes, Blue, Tareme
Body, Average Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Coat, Necktie, School Uniform, Shirt, Trousers
Personality, Altruistic, Boku, Docile, Kind, Otaku, Shy
Role, Classmate, Friend, Gamer, High School Student
Engages in, Dimensional Travel
Subject of, Bullying, Homicide, Teasing
Voiced byYamaguchi Shouhei


Likes: Cute things and video games
Dislikes: Intimidating people and raw fish
Hobbies: Reading manga and watching anime

A classmate of Yuuya's. Tomohiro has a weak and meek personality, and is often teased as “the epitome of herbivorous men” by the girls at his school. Kai occasionally uses him to run errands.
After he befriended Yoshiki, Tomohiro started to try and act more braver and to have hope that he and the others could find a way out of Heavenly Host.

He likes to play games on the PSP and DS along with long-time friend Ryosuke, with whom he has a very close bond. He’s also friends with Masato and Kensuke, and often hangs around the student council room, something which Masato sometimes doesn’t mind. Lately, he and Ryosuke have been hooked to playing dating simulation games.

[From Corpse Party Wikia]

Hair, Blond, Shaggy, Sidehair, Spiky Bangs, Waist Length+
Eyes, Cyan
Body, Pale, Teen, Underweight, Younger Appearance
Clothes, Naked
Personality, Mysterious, Serious, Taciturn
Role, Witch
Engages in, Attempted Homicide, Duel
Subject of, Death, Torture


<hidden by spoiler settings>The very first Shinozaki member ever to exist and a witch. It's implied from her words that she is over 3000 years old and died during the witch hunts, where she was crucified, hanged and then burned down. She only speaks in latin.

Shimada Kai
Shimada Kai島田 快 A
MeasurementsHeight: 175cm, Weight: 63kg
Birthday22 August
Hair, Red, Short, Spiky, Spiky Bangs
Eyes, Green, Tsurime
Body, Average Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Belt, Bracelet, Collar, Earrings, Necklace, School Uniform, Swim Shorts
Items, Pocket Knife
Personality, Moody, Ore, Rebellious, Rude, Selfish, Short-tempered, Stylish, Womanizer
Role, Classmate, Delinquent, High School Student, Model, Popular, Rival
Engages in, Attempted Homicide, Bullying, Dimensional Travel, Fighting, Flirting, Investigation, Swimming
Subject of, Fainting, Homicide
Voiced bySakamaki Manabu


Likes: Women, silver accessories, and shopping online
Dislikes: Sluggish idiots and fermented soybeans
Hobbies: Listening to American music

Kai is a red-haired high school student who stands out in the same class as Yuuya. He is a model for a men's magazine called Men's Buckle. In contrast to the quiet and behaving Yuuya, Kai goes around intimidating people and doing random acts of vandalism, while being unfriendly to ordinary students; however, he's swooned upon by some of the delinquent girls at Byakudan. Since many girls are attracted to Kai's appearance, there are a lot of bad rumors about his love life. Kai holds a deep one-sided rivalry against Yuuya.

Shinohara Yuu
Shinohara Yuu篠原 悠 O
MeasurementsHeight: 134cm, Weight: 31kg
Birthday28 April
Hair, Brown, Short, Sidehair, Spiky Bangs, Straight
Eyes, Blue, Tareme
Body, Kid, Pale, Short, Slim
Clothes, Shirt, Trousers
Personality, Boku, Opposite Gender Voiced
Role, Elementary School Student, Full Brother, Younger Brother
Voiced byOohara Momoko


Shinohara Yuu is the little brother of Shinohara Seiko.
He holds complex feelings for his missing mother, and in truth he still wants to be spoiled like a child. As the eldest son, he has to behave courageously and determinedly; he is always willing to take care of household chores and watch after his younger siblings.

[From Corpse Party Wikia]

Shinozaki Hinoe
Shinozaki Hinoe篠崎 ひのえ AB
MeasurementsHeight: 162cm, Weight: 49kg
Birthday11 March
Hair, Ponytail, Sidehair, Spiky Bangs, Violet, Waist Length+
Eyes, Blue, Tareme
Body, Average Height, B Cup, Pale, Slim, Young-adult
Clothes, Blouse, Earrings, Jeans, Pendant Necklace, Puffy Sleeves
Personality, Desu, Insightful, Kind, Optimist, Relaxed, Smart, Watashi, Word Repetition
Role, Ex-girlfriend, Full Sister, Member of a Sect, Mentor, Older Sister, Psychic
Engages in, Breakup, Self-sacrifice
Subject of, Amputation, Assault, Death, Gang Rape, Mental Affliction
Voiced byMatsuzaki Rei


Likes: Power stones, the murmur of water, the forest's air, soufflé
Dislikes: Evil waves
Hobbies: Reading and collecting antique accessories

The 27-year-old sister of Ayumi. Hinoe is a master psychic who can commute with spirits. She always listens to the voice of nature and has a keen sense that notices any slight variation of atmosphere. She acts kindly and always sports a friendly smile. Due to her mysterious ability and soothing presence, she is consulted by people in various social positions, be they politicians or ordinary housewives. Because of her job, she is very knowledgeable in all subjects. She has a unique speech pattern, and her answers to her little sister always end with “-desu/masu. She is also a member of W.I., the Wiccan Institute, an organization that worships spirits.

Shinozaki Seiji
Shinozaki Seiji篠崎 誠二 
Hair, Parted in Middle, Short
Clothes, Necktie, Suit
Role, Father, Husband
Subject of, Curse, Death


Sachiko's father and Yoshie's husband. In their house, which both Naomi and Ayumi go investigating, every male name from Shinozaki's family is crossed out in the family tree but his. There is also a photo of him in his house, but his face is covered in scribbles. Due to an unconfirmed circumstance or strange occurrence, the Shinozaki family only produces female heirs. The Shinozaki Family adopts male heirs thus the heirs inheriting the Shinozaki surname, but this also comes with each and every male dying a few years after the birth of the child. Seiji's fate was no different as referenced by a brief scene within the Shinozaki estate.

[From Corpse Party Wiki]

Shishido Yui
Shishido Yui宍戸 結衣 O
MeasurementsHeight: 164cm, Weight: 50kg
Birthday3 May
Hair, Brown, Curtained, Parted in Middle, Short
Eyes, Tareme, Violet
Body, Average Height, Pale, Slim, Teen, Young-adult
Clothes, Bikini, Blindfold, Earrings, High Heels, Jacket, Necklace, Pajamas, Sailor Suit, School Swimsuit, School Uniform, Shirt, Skirt
Items, Book, Pen
Personality, Altruistic, Brave, Carefree, Friendly, Kind, Outgoing, Protective, Watashi
Role, Classmate, Ghost, High School Student, Pet Owner, Teacher
Engages in, Cooking, Dimensional Travel, Investigation, Swimming, Teasing
Subject of, Asphyxia, Avoidable Death, Bone Fracture, Confinement, Death, Eye Removal, Fainting, Injury, Torture, Wounding
Voiced bySawashiro Miyuki


Likes: Cats, alcholic drinks and sweets
Dislikes: Unmotivated teachers
Hobbies: Collecting cat toys

A 23-year-old English teacher at Kisaragi High. Just started this semester after passing her teaching exam, and is eager to make an impression.
Although not a perfect instructor by any means, her unjaded zeal and enthusiasm are infectious, and her students seem generally responsive to her methods.
Also serves as a teacher's assistant during homeroom for class 2-9, and really seems to have connected with the students there.

[From Corpse Party Character Introductions]

She also used to be a student at Kisaragi High.

Suzumoto Mayu
Suzumoto Mayu鈴本 繭 A
AliasesSuzume-chan, すずめちゃん, Suzume
MeasurementsHeight: 154cm, Weight: 43kg
Birthday29 December
Hair, Brown, Parted to Side, Ponytail, Shoulder-length, Side Tail
Eyes, Green, No Eyes, Tareme
Body, Average Height, B Cup, Makeup, Pale, Scar, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Brooch, Cravat, Hairpin, Knee-high Socks, Miniskirt, Pleated Skirt, Rubber Band With Beads, Sailor Suit, School Swimsuit, School Uniform, Tie Pin
Personality, Deredere, Emotional, Energetic, Kind, Nature Lover, Timid, Watashi
Role, Childhood Friend, Classmate, Daughter, Friend, Ghost, High School Student, Popular, School Drama Club Member
Engages in, Cleaning, Dimensional Travel, Investigation, Planning, Swimming, Teasing
Subject of, Death, Injury, Insanity, Resurrection, Torture
Voiced byNanri Yuuka


Likes: Reptiles, crepes, fortune-telling
Dislikes: Her parents fighting
Hobbies: Scriptwriting, designing costumes, making others cosplay

A 16-year-old student in Kisaragi High class 2-9. Somehow looks much tinier than she actually is, but possesses a big heart and a bright personality.
Accepts anyone and everyone with open arms, never playing favorites, which has earned her nearly universal regard amongst her fellow students.
Unfortunately, due to familial circumstances, this was Mayu's last day at Kisaragi High. She'll be moving shortly, and transferring to a new school.

[From Corpse Party Character Introductions]
She is often called with her nickname, "Suzume," (lit. Japanese Sparrow) in the school.

Urabe Emi
Urabe Emi卜部 恵美 A
MeasurementsHeight: 152cm, Weight: 55kg
Birthday21 May
Hair, Brown, Parted in Middle, Shoulder-length, Spiky Bangs, Straight
Eyes, Green, Tareme
Body, Average Height, D Cup, Overweight, Pale, Teen
Clothes, Ankle Socks, Glasses, Knee-high Socks, Miniskirt, Sailor Suit, School Swimsuit, School Uniform
Personality, Energetic, Friendly, Kind, Watashi
Role, Classmate, Friend, High School Student
Engages in, Cooking, Dimensional Travel, Planning, Swimming
Subject of, Death, Insanity
Voiced byMoriya Satomi


A student from Class 2-4. She’s a naturally charming, plump, glasses-wearing girl who radiates cheerfulness. Mitsuki, Tohko, and she have been best friends since first grade. She likes fortunetelling, and was the one who found and told her friends about the Sachiko Ever After charm. After performing it with her classmates, she ended up trapped in Heavenly Host.

Yamamoto Mitsuki
Yamamoto Mitsuki山本 美月 O
AliasesHell Mitsuki, Hellgirl Mitsuki
MeasurementsHeight: 157cm, Weight: 48kg
Birthday27 June
Hair, Brown, Curly, Curtained, Parted to Side, Short, Spiky Bangs
Eyes, Blue, Tareme
Body, Average Height, D Cup, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Hairpin, Knee-high Socks, Miniskirt, Necktie, Sailor Suit, School Uniform
Items, Mobile Phone
Personality, Confident, Kind, Naive, Selfish, Serious, Short-tempered, Strict, Stubborn, Tsundere, Watashi
Role, Classmate, Friend, Granddaughter, High School Student, Schoolmate, Student Council Secretary
Engages in, Cleaning, Cooking, Dimensional Travel, Investigation, Teasing, Vomiting
Subject of, Amputation, Bone Fracture, Confinement, Fainting, Homicide, Injury, Kidnapping, Skinning, Teasing, Tentacle Restraint, Torture
Voiced byTomatsu Haruka


Likes: Fortune telling, cheesecake, flowers
Dislikes: Haunted houses, unfaithful men
Hobbies: Cleaning, cooking

A student from Class 2-4, a classmate of Yuuya's and the secretary of Byakudan's Student Council. She has a strong mind, and a somewhat naïve personality. She has become a big sister-like presence in both her class and the Student Council. Due to her merciless attitude towards slovenly men she is called “Hell Mitsuki” amongst the male students. She does the chores at home with her grandmother, and she is a very good cook. Her severe attitude might be a reflection of her motherly instinct.

Yanagihori Yoshikazu
Yanagihori Yoshikazu柳堀 ヨシカズ B
MeasurementsHeight: 175cm, Weight: 85kg
Birthday29 April
Hair, Black, Curtained, Parted to Side, Short
Eyes, Hosome, Red, Unnatural Sclera
Body, Adult, Average Height, Overweight, Unnatural Skin Tone
Clothes, Jacket, Shirt, Trousers
Items, Maul, Toy
Role, Antagonist, Son, Teacher, Zombie
Engages in, Manslaughter, Mass Murder, Murder, Suicide
Subject of, Curse, Death, Insanity, Mind Control
Voiced byMatsuo Daisuke


Yoshikazu is a recurring antagonist in the Corpse Party series. He is the son of Principal Yanagihori of Heavenly Host and as such worked there with his father. His mental health deteriorated until he could not even speak due to a curse by Sachiko's mother. Yoshikazu was a kindhearted man who worked at Heavenly Host and generally got on well with the students before he became Sachiko's puppet. He helped Sachiko perpetrate the murders of 1973 before he took his own life. Even in death, he can be found roaming the halls of Heavenly Host looking for people to kill as Sachiko's pawn. A number of the corpses found inside Heavenly Host were killed by his weapon of choice, a large hammer.