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Yaneura no Lagoon


TitleYaneura no Lagoon
Original title屋根裏のラグーン
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
and_is_w & Kaijuu
Himitsuri no Lagoon
Irori no Lagoon
Shops» JP¥ 1320 @ DLsite (eng)



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Main characters

Inami Sousuke稲海 爽輔
BodyAnthropomorphic Animal, Fur
ClothesNecktie, Vest
RoleChildhood Friend, Older Brother, Orphan


A hotel employee who can't speak English.

He drives for more than an hour every day from the village to the city on the other side of the mountains for his job.

He lived in the city and was good friends with the protagonist for a short time, but moved to the village due to family circumstances.

The protagonist comes to the village and lives with him in his house.

[From official site]

Sanriku Gou山陸 豪
BodyAnthropomorphic Animal, Fur, Muscular
ClothesTank Top
RoleCook, Tiger
Engages inCooking
Subject ofInjury


The manager of the only restaurant in the village, the Lagoon Lounge.

He runs it all on his own after inheriting it from his parents.

After Sousuke moved to the village, they spent much time together and now think of each other as brothers.

He was the catcher on a baseball team.

[From official site]

Urushi Yuujirou漆 悠二郎
BodyAnthropomorphic Animal, Fur, Muscular


Was Sousuke and Gou’s junior in their school, as well as a member of the baseball team Gou was on.

With him as the pitcher and Gou as the catcher, they were a formidable duo.

He often helps out at Gou’s restaurant, and is also dependent on Gou.

Has made many friends with his open and honest personality, but sometimes he makes strong assumptions and can get very worked up.

[From official site]

Side character

Hitofumi Yamato一歩 大和
EyesSanpaku Eyes, Tsurime
BodyAnthropomorphic Animal, Fur, Overweight
RoleAntagonist, Cat, Cook


The Kansai accent-having manager of the village’s new restaurant, The Black Cat Café.

He will have an intense conflict with Gou’s restaurant, the Lagoon Lounge.

Can move quickly despite his weight and a fast talker.

He often changes jobs and now has a wide variety of work experiences.

[From official site]