Edit history of BA*MAN. ~Rinkan to Ryoujoku~

v12880.52016-11-25 at 02:07skorpiondeathBA*MAN. ~Rinkan to Ryoujoku~staff
v12880.42016-11-06 at 22:18warfokiBA*MAN. ~Rinkan to Ryoujoku~The game uses characters from the anime, so yes it's related. now, whether we should mark unofficial doujin "adaptations" or not and whether we
v12880.32016-11-06 at 19:23nazzarothBA*MAN. ~Rinkan to Ryoujoku~sorry but has to be a joke. these animes are not even closly related to this vn...
v12880.22013-07-03 at 13:53warfokiBA*MAN. ~Rinkan to Ryoujoku~anime + screenshots
v12880.12013-07-03 at 13:41warfokiBA*MAN. ~Rinkan to Ryoujoku~added vn