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Half Vampire Saki-san

ハーフヴァンパイア サキさん

ハーフヴァンパイア サキさん
Half Vampire Saki-san
AliasesHalf-Vampire Saki-san
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperTropical Soft


With the law enacted 20 years ago monsters penetrated human society. However, the fundamental difference between people and demons persists and there is a lot of protest movement, so the government dedicates an entire city of the Kanto prefecture as a monster 's living area with full autonomy - Baharihara City.
Main heroine Saki lives this city with her vampire father and human mother. She gets caught up in the rapist attacks and discovers powers of an old god inherited from her father vampire. However, the government of Baharihara City can't tolerate rivalry and plans to assassinate Saki. So starts the battle over Saki and the Old god in the Baharihara City.

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Japanese (1)
2000-07-0718+Half Vampire Saki-san - First Press Edition


Full character list

Character summary

Shindou SakiProtagonist
Voiced by Aoyama Yukari
Arisugawa AliceMain character
Sakaki YuuriMain character
Voiced by Takamiya Shouko
Kagura SuzuMain character
Voiced by Haruno Urara
Inaba KiraMain character
Kusanagi MisaoMain character
Voiced by Ayakawa Rino
BlueSide character
Voiced by Yamada Yoshiko
Kujou TetsuyaSide character
Date AkiraSide character
Voiced by Uchino Hajime
Kibi KeigoSide character
Asahi UraraSide character
Kagura AoiSide character

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