Edit history of Tsuki no Terasu

v1296.132019-08-24 at 09:52shinnewTsuki no Terasu"ツキノテラス" is a reading helper for "月照".
v1296.122019-08-23 at 14:32multiGesshou ~Tsuki no Terasu~Reverse relation update caused by revision v26375.9
v1296.112019-08-22 at 12:36multiGesshou ~Tsuki no Terasu~Reverse relation update caused by revision v26375.5
v1296.102017-07-05 at 13:36nutellafanGesshou ~Tsuki no Terasu~Added credits.
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v1296.72009-05-01 at 18:41vdzTsuki no TerasuAdded screenshots
v1296.62009-01-12 at 03:55maccasvenneTsuki no Terasuhow can you play through this and not realize that the "girl" is a guy...? If there's romance between two people that are biologically male, then
v1296.52009-01-11 at 23:19krazykushlukTsuki no TerasuThere is a bit of romance in this, but most of it is just drama.
v1296.42008-12-11 at 21:22maccasvenneTsuki no Terasuthe protagonist's love interest is a transvestite...I assume that at least warrants a Shounen-Ai rating of 1...
v1296.32008-12-04 at 09:09applehqTsuki no TerasuUsing title of the original. Adding encubed tag and VN.net review.
v1296.22008-12-04 at 04:02tatsuMoonshine
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