Magicalic ⇔ Sky High ~Soratobu Houki ni Omoi o Nosete~

まじかりっく⇔スカイハイ ~空飛ぶホウキに想いをのせて~

Magicalic ⇔ Sky High ~Soratobu Houki ni Omoi o Nosete~
TitleMagicalic ⇔ Sky High ~Soratobu Houki ni Omoi o Nosete~
Original titleまじかりっく⇔スカイハイ ~空飛ぶホウキに想いをのせて~
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Publishers Whirlpool
Same setting
Magus Tale ~Sekaiju to Koisuru Mahout...


A long time ago, the magic world suddenly appeared, causing much confusion and many challenges to everyone. However, humans and magicians co-operated and now they live together peacefully. Ten years later, schools have been built all over the country to train those who have innate magic ability. Hayato attends one of them, Clarus Magic Academy, and is the best in the school at flying. However, he is totally incompetent at everything else.

One day while flying around like usual, he suddenly lost the ability to use his magic and fell from the sky. He narrowly escaped death at the expense of his cherished broom and found himself in an unfamiliar ancient ruin. Hayato found a carefully-kept broom there and thus, his sky-high story had taken off.

[From Hau~ Omochikaeri!]

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