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v12984.432017-05-30 at 05:124396AstralAir no Shiroki Towaalias
v12984.422017-02-20 at 12:07varioAstralAir no Shiroki Towastaff (source: link)
v12984.412017-02-11 at 01:59chueeAstralAir no Shiroki TowaTown of Hoshimemo mentioned in the AstralAir fandisk
v12984.402016-11-18 at 08:47chueeAstralAir no Shiroki Towapatch
v12984.392016-10-04 at 14:31chueeAstralAir no Shiroki Towainsert song
v12984.382016-08-22 at 15:38jaoAstralAir no Shiroki TowaAll voices of Yuuki have been re-recorded with the new VA for the PSVita version. link
v12984.372016-05-10 at 09:21chueeAstralAir no Shiroki TowaYuki VA
v12984.362016-04-19 at 13:14multiAstralAir no Shiroki TowaReverse relation update caused by revision v19294.1
v12984.352015-12-14 at 23:36wakaranaiAstralAir no Shiroki Towaadditional cast
v12984.342015-12-01 at 21:20ritamarionetteAstralAir no Shiroki TowaThese screenshots are not native, but still wanted to add to show how it would look when less blurry, compared to older screenshots.
v12984.332015-09-21 at 09:52weilaiAstralAir no Shiroki Towa..
v12984.322015-07-14 at 21:23venomg3AstralAir no Shiroki Towaremoved screenshots that were scaled down from max native res. " d2#6 All images must be in the highest native resolution of the VN "
v12984.312015-05-15 at 05:04weilaiAstralAir no Shiroki Towa.
v12984.302015-04-29 at 16:01traumatizerAstralAir no Shiroki Towa+1 (&full cast!)
v12984.292015-03-15 at 14:16phantasmAstralAir no Shiroki TowaThere is a second/true route OP.
v12984.282015-03-15 at 13:16traumatizerAstralAir no Shiroki Towastaff
v12984.272015-02-09 at 18:15traumatizerAstralAir no Shiroki Towa+9 va
v12984.262015-02-01 at 03:33phantasmAstralAir no Shiroki Towastaff
v12984.252015-01-31 at 11:13traumatizerAstralAir no Shiroki TowaCast
v12984.242015-01-29 at 09:21weilaiAstralAir no Shiroki Towa.
v12984.232015-01-29 at 08:37weilaiAstralAir no Shiroki Towa.
v12984.222014-08-22 at 09:03gustave154AstralAir no Shiroki Towaupload screenshot
v12984.212014-08-22 at 09:01gustave154AstralAir no Shiroki Towaadded screenshots
v12984.202014-08-17 at 12:55mikoamoyAstralAir no Shiroki Towamy monitor is less than 1680x1050 so i couldn't get full size screenshoot
v12984.192014-08-15 at 12:26nefeliAstralAir no Shiroki Towa(2)1680x1050, Not Resized
v12984.182014-08-14 at 15:40eyelessAstralAir no Shiroki Towad2#6 All images must be in the highest native resolution of the VN
v12984.172014-08-11 at 15:07sloathsAstralAir no Shiroki Towaadded screenshots
v12984.162014-08-11 at 13:33nefeliAstralAir no Shiroki Towa1024x680, Not resized
v12984.152014-08-10 at 10:35nefeliAstralAir no Shiroki Towa1680x1050, Not resized
v12984.142014-08-10 at 10:18nefeliAstralAir no Shiroki Towa1680x1050, Not resized.
v12984.132014-08-10 at 09:42nefeliAstralAir no Shiroki Towa1680x1050, Not resized.
v12984.122014-07-29 at 23:29rennAstralAir no Shiroki TowaDuration
v12984.112014-07-08 at 11:13maraskanuserAstralAir no Shiroki TowaAdded description from Micchi's blog
v12984.102013-12-21 at 18:15nananaAstralAir no Shiroki Towacover
v12984.92013-11-20 at 03:03earthwormAstralAir no Shiroki Towaalias
v12984.82013-10-19 at 16:34nananaAstralAir no Shiroki Towaalias
v12984.72013-08-24 at 07:56nananaAstralAir no Shiroki Towaimage
v12984.62013-08-24 at 07:54nananaAstralAir no Shiroki Towatitle
v12984.52013-07-21 at 05:10nananaAstralAir no Shiroki Eienalias
v12984.42013-07-21 at 05:09nananaAstralAir no Shiroki Eientitle
v12984.32013-07-21 at 04:54nananaAstraea no Shiroki Eienalias.
v12984.22013-07-18 at 15:24nananaAstraea no Shiroki Eientemp. img and title
v12984.12013-07-18 at 05:37ds1150Astraea no Shiroki Towanew, unsure about romaji