Erocast★Urabangumi ~Joshi Ana Ingo News Housoukyoku~


TitleErocast★Urabangumi ~Joshi Ana Ingo News Housoukyoku~
Original titleエロキャス★裏番組~女子アナ淫語ニュース放送局~
AliasesErocast * Obscene Announcer Broadcast
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperMocking Soft
Publishers Mocking Soft


"I am Tetsuo Okuno.
Newly graduated from college, but still looking for a job.
There's something hindering my search.
Specifically, the female announcers on TV.

That's right, I love announcer girls!
Beautiful and smart career women.
You could call those two features a double threat.
Pretty to look at, but with substance that merely pretty idols lack.

Pretty announcers get the highest ratings.
Every day at noon I'm glued to the screen for Brunch!, the midmorning show with beautiful hosts.

I was watching the show one day when
they started saying the crassest, most depraved things.
What... is this?
What the hell is going on...!?"

Female announcers have gone rude on broadcast TV.
Tetsuo has just discovered the lewdness. Goodbye job search. Hello programming.

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