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v13059.352018-08-02 at 10:59nekonekogirlXBlaze Code: Embryostaff
v13059.342016-12-13 at 23:52noctureXBlaze Code: EmbryoRevised title for uniformity
v13059.332016-11-13 at 10:19traumatizerXblaze Code: Embryo+1
v13059.322016-11-10 at 15:33traumatizerXblaze Code: Embryo+2
v13059.312016-08-26 at 17:24usagiXblaze Code: Embryoadded relation
v13059.302016-07-25 at 05:51[deleted]Xblaze Code: EmbryoRemove Original title as it is already in latin
v13059.292016-06-24 at 16:41traumatizerXblaze Code: Embryo+2
v13059.282016-06-10 at 19:06traumatizerXblaze Code: Embryo+4
v13059.272016-05-06 at 13:41traumatizerXblaze Code: Embryo+3
v13059.262016-03-18 at 03:13vukpXblaze Code: EmbryoAdding More Screenshots.
v13059.252016-03-17 at 08:20vukpXblaze Code: EmbryoAdding more Screenshots.
v13059.242016-03-17 at 05:37vukpXblaze Code: EmbryoUploading Screenshots.
v13059.232016-03-08 at 21:35[deleted]Xblaze Code: EmbryoRelations: d2#5
v13059.222015-11-26 at 16:30traumatizerXblaze Code: Embryo+2
v13059.212015-10-01 at 19:28traumatizerXblaze Code: Embryo+1
v13059.202015-08-03 at 21:49savagetigerXblaze Code: Embryo+1 cast
v13059.192015-07-03 at 19:18traumatizerXblaze Code: Embryo+1
v13059.182015-06-08 at 19:54traumatizerXblaze Code: Embryo+1
v13059.172015-03-09 at 21:03traumatizerXblaze Code: Embryo+1
v13059.162015-02-17 at 22:43traumatizerXblaze Code: EmbryoMC's va
v13059.152015-02-01 at 13:10traumatizerXblaze Code: EmbryoOpening
v13059.142014-08-23 at 17:11multiXblaze Code: EmbryoReverse relation update caused by revision v15891.1
v13059.132014-06-30 at 15:24usagiXblaze Code: Embryoadded length
v13059.122014-06-30 at 15:19usagiXblaze Code: Embryochanged description to more appropriate
v13059.112014-06-25 at 08:23xcytXblaze Code: EmbryoReplace a stray U+0027 APOSTROPHE with U+2019 RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK.
v13059.102014-06-23 at 14:47multiXblaze Code: EmbryoReverse relation update caused by revision v6572.8
v13059.92014-06-23 at 14:47multiXblaze Code: EmbryoReverse relation update caused by revision v5381.9
v13059.82013-11-05 at 20:29multiXblaze Code: EmbryoReverse relation update caused by revision v13912.1
v13059.72013-09-11 at 07:50yorhelXblaze Code: EmbryoReverted to revision v13059.5 Those are CGs, not screenshots. Also, inconsistent resolution. See d2#6 for the guidelines.
v13059.62013-09-11 at 07:16planetwarriorXblaze Code: Embryoadded shots
v13059.52013-07-30 at 05:29xcytXblaze Code: EmbryoChange 'onscreen' to 'on-screen'.
v13059.42013-07-30 at 05:27xcytXblaze Code: EmbryoFix typo: 'Japantor' to 'Japanator'.
v13059.32013-07-30 at 05:25xcytXblaze Code: EmbryoChange 'BB' to 'BlazBlue'.
v13059.22013-07-30 at 05:17xcytXblaze Code: EmbryoChange 'Arc Sys Works' to 'Arc System Works'.
v13059.12013-07-30 at 05:07xcytXblaze Code: EmbryoAdd Xblaze Code: Embryo.