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Tu Me Manques

Tu Me ManquesSafe / Tame (15)
1 cover
Tu Me Manques
Play timeShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperMagic House
PublishersMagic House
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10 years ago, Fredrich Arc Granvale died.
His cold worsened into pneumonia.
The death of the prince was mourned by all the kingdom.

10 years later, Fredrich Arc Granvale awoke.
"Good morning, Prince."
He was greeted by a man with a face of otherwordly beauty.

He said, "I will grant any request."

A beautiful sorcerer.
The prince wished to know the tenderness of true love, just once.
And the sorcerer promised to grant that wish...

The perverted sorcerer.

A boys love ADV game. Western style fantasy.

28 still images + variations.

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Japanese (3)
2013-07-2418+Tu Me Manques - Trial Edition
2013-07-2418+Tu Me Manques - Download Edition
2013-07-2718+Tu Me Manques - Package Edition

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Ashley El GranvaleMain character
Gilbert LaurisMain character
NoirMain character

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Tu Me Manques - Trial Edition

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