Sengoku † Koihime ~Otome Kenran ☆ Sengoku Emaki~


Sengoku † Koihime ~Otome Kenran ☆ Sengoku Emaki~
TitleSengoku † Koihime ~Otome Kenran ☆ Sengoku Emaki~
Original title戦国†恋姫~乙女絢爛☆戦国絵巻~
LengthVery long (> 50 hours)
Publishers BaseSon
Shin Koihime † Musou ~Otome Ryouran ☆...


Kensuke trained hard every day under the tutelage of his uncle Kazuto. One day, when he held a sword he found in the storehouse, he lost consciousness. When he came to, he found himself in a place he did not recognize. He met a girl who introduced herself as Oda Saburou Kuon Nobunaga. She held out her hand to a stunned Kensuke and asked him to become her husband and accompany her on the road to national supremacy.

They travelled across the country, racking up victories in this period of social upheaval. However, there was one enemy they could not defeat: the oni. These man-eating, blood-drinking beasts soon took over all of Japan, plunging the country into hell. However, Kuon and Kensuke vowed to continue fighting, issuing a written appeal to all the influential lords: “Samurai who are not afraid of even the oni, gather under me and let us save Japan together!”

[From Hau~ Omochikaeri!]

Harem Ending 3.0 Popular Protagonist 3.0 Normal Scene Recollection 3.0 ADV 3.0 Sengoku Period 3.0 Sword Wielding Protagonist 2.8 Episodic Story 2.8 Single Ending 2.8 Sword Combat 2.7 Linear Plot 2.7 Sword Wielding Heroine 2.7 Heroine Based on Real Person 2.5 Romance 2.5 More Than Seven Heroines 2.5 Leader Protagonist 2.4 Comedy 2.3 Fighting Protagonist 2.3 Polygamy 2.2 Male Protagonist 2.2 Varied Title Screens 2.2 Fighting Heroine 2.2 Combat with Arquebus 2.0 Unavoidable Harem Ending 2.0 Heroine with Eye Covering Hairstyle 2.0 Monsters 2.0 Polyamory 2.0 Loli Heroine 2.0 Group Sex of One Male and Several Females 2.0 Yamato Nadeshiko Heroine 2.0 Skip Scenes 2.0 War 2.0 Scenario Selection 2.0 Demons 2.0 Donkan Protagonist 2.0 Kyonyuu Heroine 2.0 Leader Heroine 2.0 Hotblooded Heroine 2.0 Female Ejaculation 2.0 Energetic Heroine 2.0 Defloration 2.0 Side Images 2.0 Combat with Spears 2.0 Super Deformed CG's 2.0 Romancing a Family 2.0 Tactician Heroine 2.0 Built-in Encyclopedia 2.0 Heroine with Kimono 2.0 Heroine with Armor 2.0 White Haired Heroine 2.0 Proactive Protagonist 1.8 Read Text Marking 1.8 Heroine with Ahoge 1.7 Time Travel 1.7 Under the Same Roof 1.7 Heroine with Zettai Ryouiki 1.7 Death of Heroine 1.7 Twin Tail Heroine 1.7 Fantasy 1.7 Heroine with Visible Panties 1.5 Albino Heroine 1.3 Kunoichi Heroine 1.3 Heroine with Beauty Mark 1.3 Ponytail Heroine 1.3 Other Perspectives 1.2 Blowjob 1.0 Boobjob 1.0 Bokukko Heroine 1.0 Missionary Position 1.0 Twin Blowjob 1.0 Fingering 1.0 Foreigner Heroine 1.0 Asian-style Castle 1.0 Bloody Scenes 1.0 Cowgirl 1.0 Heroine with a Braid 1.0 Axe Combat 1.0 Jealousy 1.0 Bathroom Sex 1.0 Kemonomimi Heroine 0.8


2013-12-2015+  Sengoku † Koihime ~Otome Kenran ☆ Sengoku Emaki~Fully voicedNon-freeCommercial1280x7201 DVD  
2016-04-2818+  Sengoku † Koihime X ~Otome Kenran ☆ Sengoku Emaki~Fully voicedNon-freeCommercial1280x7202 DVDsNew additions in 18+ version -----

1. New faction and new characters
Houjou clan joined the fray. Lead by the Houjou Sakuya Ujiyasu, the Houjo clan consists of strict but innocent Houjou Oboro Tsunashige, stupid but hardworking Houjou Izayoi Ujimasa, head of the Fuuma ninja - Fuuma Himeno Kotarou and many more attractive heroines.

The existing Nagao clan also got new allies, the proud adopted daughter of Miku - Houjou Natsuki Kagetora, adorable loli BBA - Usami Saaya Sadamitsu and the girl with the big oppai - Kojima Sadako Sadaoki. 

2. addition of H scenes
Being 18+ version, H scenes were incorporated into the story to satisfy your carnal desire.

3.Expanded scenarios
Changes were made to the original scenarios and new chapters were added, making the story size almost double. From original 26 chapters and ~140 CGs to 46 chapters and ~270 CGs in X-version.  
2016-12-1618+  Sengoku † Koihime X ~Otome Kenran ☆ Sengoku Emaki~ Download EditionFully voicedNon-freeCommercial1280x720Internet downloadThe 18+ version with almost double the scenarios and CGs, and new characters and routes.  


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Character summary

Protagonist Nitta Kensuke
Voiced by Ogura Yui
Main character Ashikaga Futaba Yoshiaki
Voiced by Ezaki Claire
Voiced by Haruka Sora
Voiced by
Aoi TokioX ver.
Matsuki ErikaAll-ages ver.
Main character Fuuma Himeno Kotarou
Voiced by Moriya MisonoX ver. only
Main character Higuchi Aina Kanetsugu
Voiced by Oohana Don
Voiced by Ui
Main character Houjou Akatsuki Ujinori
Voiced by Tachibana MaoX ver. only
Main character Houjou Izayoi Ujimasa
Voiced by Shirotsuki KanameX ver. only
Main character Houjou Mikazuki Ujiteru
Voiced by Tachibana MaoX ver. only
Main character Houjou Natsuki Kagetora
Voiced by Akino HanaX ver. only
Main character Houjou Oboro Tsunashige
Voiced by Hanazono MeiX ver. only
Main character Houjou Sakuya Ujiyasu
Voiced by Imuraya HonokaX ver. only
Main character Kojima Sadako Sadaoki
Voiced by Hamura NaoX ver. only
Main character Kousaka Toto Masanobu
Voiced by Tenkawa Nonomi
Main character Luís Érica Fróis
Voiced by Kaibara Elena
Voiced by Oukawa Mio
Main character Nagao Kuu Kagekatsu
Voiced by Momoi Homi
Main character Nagao Miku Kagetora
Voiced by Haruno Iroha
Main character Naitou Kokoro Masahide
Voiced by Kurusu Ui
Main character Oda Ichi
Voiced by Ichinomiya Aoi
Voiced by Morinaga Alice
Main character Saitou Kichou Yuina
Voiced by Aoyama Yukari
Voiced by Suzuta MiyakoX ver. only
Main character Takeda Hikari Harunobu
Main character Usami Saaya Sadamitsu
Voiced by Suzutou CocoaX ver. only
Voiced by Uehara Aoi
Voiced by Kanau
Side character Kiyo
Voiced by Hoshino Nanami
Side character Mysterious Boy

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