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Roy Mustang no Akunaki Tatakai


TitleRoy Mustang no Akunaki Tatakai
Original titleロイ・マスタングの飽くなき戦い
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Shares characters
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[unofficial] Phantomphobia: Zhenli
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One sunny day, Roy is going to work at East Headquarters. Since Lieutenant Hawkeye is off today, he can relax. Or so he thought, but as he stepped into the office, he saw countless papers scattered about on the floor. And some important documents that need to be submitted soon are missing! Were they stolen, or...?

Can I get the documents back, find the culprit, and submit the papers before the deadline?

[Translated from official story page]


Japanese (1)
2005-08-2118+Roy Mustang no Akunaki Tatakai

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Roy MustangProtagonist
Edward ElricMain character
Jean HavocMain character
Maes HughesMain character
Riza HawkeyeMain character
Alphonse ElricSide character
FuerySide character
HakuroSide character

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