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v1322.462020-02-24 at 12:17lotuscaleTenshin Ranman Lucky or Unlucky!?Remove some screenshots and add some screenshots from PSP version. However, not only does the PSP have low and non-standard resolution, but also I
v1322.452020-02-24 at 11:53lotuscaleTenshin Ranman Lucky or Unlucky!?Edit casts for that Suou only appears in PSP version.
v1322.442020-02-21 at 02:00lotuscaleTenshin Ranman Lucky or Unlucky!?Reverted to revision v1322.41
v1322.432020-02-21 at 01:57lotuscaleTenshin Ranman Lucky or Unlucky!?I'm sorry that I removed some screenshoots which is not so important or repeated from my perspective, for I uploaded some PSP ver. screenshoots. P.S
v1322.422019-11-10 at 07:32lotuscaleTenshin Ranman Lucky or Unlucky!?Note that Suou only appears in PSP ver.
v1322.412019-11-10 at 07:30lotuscaleTenshin Ranman Lucky or Unlucky!?note that Wakaba only appears in PSP ver.
v1322.402018-12-15 at 20:48darkness-weaverTenshin Ranman Lucky or Unlucky!?cv link
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v1322.352016-03-01 at 12:31traumatizerTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?grammar, staff note
v1322.342016-02-15 at 10:55weilaiTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?..
v1322.332016-02-15 at 10:54weilaiTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?..
v1322.322015-10-18 at 15:07multiTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?Reverse relation update caused by revision v5937.29
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v1322.302015-06-20 at 06:46weilaiTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?.
v1322.292015-03-18 at 16:03wakaranaiTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?VA alias used in 18+ release.
v1322.282015-03-18 at 15:55wakaranaiTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?staff&cast
v1322.272015-02-14 at 19:47traumatizerTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?staff
v1322.262015-01-31 at 20:58traumatizerTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?+misaki rina
v1322.252015-01-31 at 11:20traumatizerTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?Va
v1322.242014-09-11 at 11:45multiTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?Reverse relation update caused by revision v1478.13
v1322.232014-09-11 at 11:43multiTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?Reverse relation update caused by revision v1478.11
v1322.222014-07-02 at 18:22binfujiwaraTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?whoops, wrong picture..
v1322.212014-07-02 at 18:11binfujiwaraTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?Better colors, and no "Hobby Search" (commercial) watermark
v1322.202014-04-23 at 05:29shirley-warwickTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?wrong box art current one is the art for the psp version
v1322.192014-03-03 at 13:05binfujiwaraTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?cover
v1322.182013-08-20 at 22:58binfujiwaraTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?Reverted to revision v1322.16
v1322.172013-08-20 at 22:54binfujiwaraTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?cover
v1322.162013-01-02 at 12:19yorhelTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?Reverted to revision v1322.14 Don't replace existing screenshots with different-language ones. Especially not while ignoring the huge non-standard
v1322.152013-01-02 at 11:38kiraiaizurenTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?added en ss
v1322.142012-10-23 at 13:55eyelessTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?Reverted to revision v1322.12 no need to replace screenshots. Especially with lower resolution ones.
v1322.132012-10-23 at 11:36kiraiaizurenTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?add some demo patch eng pic
v1322.122012-07-30 at 16:35dan9207Tenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?edited the summary for grammar/readability
v1322.112012-02-03 at 07:45earthwormTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?It's "tenshin". Just look at the japanese wiki link
v1322.102012-02-03 at 06:59tempoTenjin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?Fixed romaji title.
v1322.92010-08-04 at 19:59joyjasonTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?Added Visual Novel length
v1322.82009-05-31 at 04:20eyelessTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?more screenshots
v1322.72009-05-30 at 12:52eyelessTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?I'll add more screenshots later
v1322.62009-05-29 at 23:17rasqualTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?Updating with PC game cover
v1322.52009-04-25 at 10:59echomateriaTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?Added description and title.
v1322.42009-03-29 at 19:03rasqualTenshin RanmanUpload (cover?) image from pre-order website.
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