Hello Kitty no Sweet Adventure ~Daniel-kun ni Aitai~

ハローキティのスウィートアドベンチャー ~ダニエルくんにあいたい~

Hello Kitty no Sweet Adventure ~Daniel-kun ni Aitai~
TitleHello Kitty no Sweet Adventure ~Daniel-kun ni Aitai~
Original titleハローキティのスウィートアドベンチャー ~ダニエルくんにあいたい~
Publishers Imagineer Co., Ltd.
Alternative version
Dear Daniel no Sweet Adventure ~Kitty...
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In order to reunite with Daniel, Kitty needs to clear the stages all over the world and get "love points". Upon accumulating love points it's possible to use various costumes and items, and enter a hidden stage. If you change your costume to fit the stage, you can gain power, fly in the sky, swim in the ocean and use magic. Mini games and communication function depend on love points.

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2000-07-19All ages  Hello Kitty no Sweet Adventure ~Daniel-kun ni Aitai~Non-freeCommercial  

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