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T&Bx3Suggestive / Tame (16)
Play timeShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperMagic House
PublishersMagic House
Shares characters

[unofficial] Bouyoku no Fortissimo

[unofficial] Next Dream

[unofficial] Boukyaku no 38

[unofficial] Sternbild de Tsukamaete

[unofficial] Tanjoubi ni wa Kotetsu-san o Kudasai!

[unofficial] Ivan wa Mita!

[unofficial] Bougetsu no Desire

[unofficial] My Lil' Bunny

[unofficial] No Buddy, No Life

[unofficial] ValentaIN: Ore ga Valentine da!!

[unofficial] Mega Bunny

[unofficial] Tiger & Bunny ~Hero's Day~

[unofficial] Fushigi no Kuni no Barnaby

[unofficial] Kakkoii Kotetsu-san wa Imasen!

[unofficial] Double

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Related anime[DB-ANN] Tiger & Bunny (TV Series, 2011)


T*ger&B*nny boys love adventure game.

Couplings are B*nny x T*ger and T*ger x B*nny
depending on episode and choice (dom-sub roles split evenly).

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Japanese (5)
2012-12-2518+T&Bx3 - Trial Edition
2012-12-2518+T&Bx3 - Download Edition
2012-12-2518+T&Bx3 - Package Edition
2013-03-1818+T&Bx3 - Bunny x Tiger Edition
2013-03-1818+T&Bx3 - Tiger x Bunny Edition

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T&Bx3 - Trial Edition

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T&Bx3 - Download Edition

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