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Ouma ga Toki - Tasogare ni Kemuru Shoujo

逢魔ガ刻 黄昏ニ烟ル少女

TitleOuma ga Toki - Tasogare ni Kemuru Shoujo
Original title逢魔ガ刻 黄昏ニ烟ル少女
AliasesOuma ga Toki (The Witching Hour)
Play timeShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperPotato Seikatsu
PublishersPotato Seikatsu
Ouma ga Toki 2 - Yoyami ni Inoru Shoujo
Shops» JP¥ 990 @ DLsite


Seemingly ordinary schoolgirl Yuki Mizuhara.
She has the power to see what nobody else can.
Things that make it hard for her to participate in normal society.
One day, her fate takes a dramatic turn. The things she sees...
The dark world beneath our own, full of terrors and secrets...
She learns the truth about it all.

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Main character

Side characters

Type 02壱型02


A mysterious creature that Yuki met in a closed area of the laboratory.