Mr. Moon Light


Mr. Moon Light
TitleMr. Moon Light
Original titleMr.MOON LIGHT
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperShinkeishou Lab
Publishers Shinkeishou Lab
Mr. Moon Light 2


It was an evening of the bright moon.

Ryoji, after drinking heavily, passed through the park under the cherry blossoms on his way home. He sat on the bench alone, and was enjoying the cherry blossoms in the nice evening.

Once in a while, the wind blew, flowers flew.

"Hey, you looking good.", said one young boy, approaching Ryoji.

The young boy looked so beautiful, standing under the cherry blossom, in the background of the shining moon.

However, the young boy soon disappeared.

Ryoji began searching for him, then the fate had it; they met again.

The real image of the young boy was quite different from what Ryoji had imagined in his head, however.

That was a big reality check for Ryoji.

"My name is Nagumo Koichi. Call me Koichi."

Ryoji was disappointed, however as the time went on, he began to realize who Koichi really was as well as Koichi's strange power.

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