Dornenkrone Braut -Keikan no Hanayome-

Dornenkrone Braut -荊冠の花嫁-

Dornenkrone Braut -Keikan no Hanayome-
TitleDornenkrone Braut -Keikan no Hanayome-
Original titleDornenkrone Braut -荊冠の花嫁-
AliasesNoise2 Dornenkrone Braut -荊冠の花嫁-, Dornenkrone Braut - Bride of a crown of thorns -
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
Publishers DreamDrops
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The protagonist is sexually trained, and gets involved in a romantic relationship. In the process, he learns about the secret of his birth, as well as the riddle of the mysterious 'matrimony'.

There are 3 + 1 characters to capture. There are 5 endings, and the event CG counts 52 images (including variations).
Features sexual insult, training, romance, adultery, divorce and marriage.

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2007-12-2918+  Dornenkrone Braut -Keikan no Hanayome- Download EditionNon-freeDoujinInternet download  
2007-12-2918+  Dornenkrone Braut -Keikan no Hanayome- Trial EditionFreewareDoujin640x480Internet download  
2007-12-2918+  Dornenkrone Braut -Keikan no Hanayome- Package EditionNon-freeDoujin1 CD  

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