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Josou Ojou-sama e no Ijou na Aijou


TitleJosou Ojou-sama e no Ijou na Aijou
Original title女装お嬢様への異常な愛情
AliasesAbnormal Love
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperYoru no Hitsuji
PublishersYoru no Hitsuji


Please note there is some male-on-male sex assault in this ADV game.

Will the coerced crossdresser's spirit be completely crushed? Can he survive with the help of his suntanned maid?

CV: Ichika Suzuka

Renault allowed himself to become a prisoner in the castle of a feudal lord so his mother and sister could be free.

Renault's guard was a brute who delighted in drugging and terrifying him, but it went beyond that. As a prisoner Renault was forced to wear ladies' garments.

In here he was Renata. And the guard had deviant plans.

Can Renata evade the fate that's obviously in store? Or will he embrace his role as a "cute boy" to live another day...?

Feru, the bronze skinned maid, is the key...

* Abnormal Love ...... The dangerous, dramatic girls' clothes story.

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