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WAN-derful Life


TitleWAN-derful Life
Original titleWANだふるライフ
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperWild Strawberry
PublishersWild Strawberry
Shops» JP¥ 110 @ DLsite


I had no time to react. The soccer ball
came out of nowhere as I walked across campus.
I caught it with my face.

The boy who kicked it was a freshman teamer named Katsuya.
He seemed like an all right person, he was just careless.
Please don't worry, I told him. But he wasn't done.
He wanted to do more than apologize...

R-18 ADV love story about the strange relationship of a sadistic girl and masochist boy, all arising from an accident at school.

[From DLsite English]


Japanese (2)
2011-05-2818+WAN-derful Life
2011-05-2818+WAN-derful Life - Trial Edition

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