Dear My Sister

Dear My しすたあ

Dear My Sister
TitleDear My Sister
Original titleDear My しすたあ
Publishers Future


Near future, a boom of robotics. A normal family where brother and sister lived in good relations till sister died in a traffic incident. Farther recreated image of the girl in an android. There have never been thoughts of sexual affection towards sister, and yet...

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2001-03-2318+  Dear My SisterNon-freeCommercial640x4801 CD  
2011-06-2418+  Dear My Sister - Download EditionNon-freeCommercialInternet download


Character summary

Protagonist Kitajima Kazumi
Main character Hashizume Hiromi
Main character Mari
Main character Shirakaba Haruka
Side character Takabuchi Kouhei

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