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Encroach -A Bloody Homicidal Maniac- Ue

インクロウチ―A Bloody homicidal maniac―上

インクロウチ―A Bloody homicidal maniac―上
Encroach -A Bloody Homicidal Maniac- Ue
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"------... Deep down inside him, is the most vile killer imaginable."

Six years ago...

A string of murders in a quiet town rocked the nation. Day and night bodies fell as the killing spree continued unabated. Police knew nothing except that there seemed to be two killers working together with no known motive. It was slaughter. Children, the elderly... No one was safe.

Six years later, the case was still unsolved. For devoted social worker Yuuri Waya, time had not eased the loss of his murdered parents and oldest brother. Nonetheless he carried on, giving comfort as he could to a fellow survivor, Yuichi, who he treated like a brother.

Meanwhile, Yuuri's actual young brother, college student Shuu Waya, was plagued with regret and revenge fantasies. With the killer still out there he had a terrible sense that another nightmare was about to begin, threatening what semblance of a life he and Yuuri had cobbled together.

"Beginnings" is the first 18 chapters of the ENCROACH novel series by Camellia+. Recommended to readers of serious, bloody thriller BL fiction. Linear storyline.

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2013-10-1418+Encroach -A Bloody homicidal maniac- Ue - Trial Edition
2013-10-1418+Encroach -A Bloody homicidal maniac- Ue

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