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Ace Academy

TitleAce Academy
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
DeveloperPixelFade Studio
PublishersPixelFade Studio
MIÐGARÐ | Ensomhet er ikke frihet
Kaori After Story
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In the year 2049, mechanized robots commonly called GEAR were developed for military application. Since then, their versatile functionality has led them to not only become commonplace in commercial use, but also spawned an entire sports entertainment industry. The prevalent use and popularity of GEARs has created a new academic field known as “Cenorobotics”.

Due to unforeseeable circumstances, the protagonist finds himself transferring to ACE Academy, a premier school for Cenorobotics studies in Japan. He struggles to find a team willing to accept him and his outdated “American” GEAR to compete in the intramural tournament.

Mini reviews

By sobieski on 2020-09-08Vote: 7
<report>Canadian studio PixelFade's first title is an enjoyable slice-of-life story with lots of little choices to make throughout. Especially recommened to those who like competitive mecha battles in a somewhat futuristic setting. The VN looks quite nice with semi-animated sprites for the main cast, and coming from the West it is fully-voiced in English which isn't all too common. The amount of references and memes from both western pop culture as well anime/otaku/weeb culture shows a solid understanding of the VN's target adience. The biggest problem with Ace Acedemy is the 'intrigue' storyline about the protagonist's mech and his father, which is only partially developed and never resolved by the end.
By eins on 2020-12-13Vote: 6
<report>The game is decent... What I don't like the most from this game is how bad the voice actors are, look... Eng Dub is not all that bad, I've played some ENg Dub VN a bunch back in the days, but man.... This one is an exception, this VN has a terrible... TERRIBLE voice acting. like holy shit it's so bad ( not all of them though ). But beside that, the story is decently good, so many choices that (might) impact the story as you progress, what makes me so annoyed is just how bad the voice acting is, like... Might as well not having a voice acting, y'know...

Full reviews

By hansfranz77 on 2021-01-13r30519Vote: 5
<report>I really would compare this to any run of the mill ecchi anime you can stream and get a few laughs out of. It may sound harsh but the only really interesting thing here is the setting and they do nothing at all with it. This just ends abruptly and you ask yourself why you even bothered with this game? Supposeldy a kickstarter game at one point and maybe they lacked funding at the end?

Regardless of why this tunred out to be the way it did the fact of the matter with this is, that the writing for the characters and their supposed age range just clash all the time for me. I played the yuuna and kaori ending to completion and aside from the fact that i know there is a kaori game that is set... Read more »