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Ace Academy

TitleAce Academy
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
DeveloperPixelFade Studio
PublishersPixelFade Studio
MIÐGARÐ | Ensomhet er ikke frihet
Kaori After Story
LinksWikidata, MobyGames, IndieDB,, VNStat


In the year 2049, mechanized robots commonly called GEAR were developed for military application. Since then, their versatile functionality has led them to not only become commonplace in commercial use, but also spawned an entire sports entertainment industry. The prevalent use and popularity of GEARs has created a new academic field known as “Cenorobotics”.

Due to unforeseeable circumstances, the protagonist finds himself transferring to ACE Academy, a premier school for Cenorobotics studies in Japan. He struggles to find a team willing to accept him and his outdated “American” GEAR to compete in the intramural tournament.